Fab 5 Friday~Holiday Edition!

Hello Friday! Together again at last...YES! So in the honor of the holidays I am thinking I am going to throw in some FAB shopping places or odd things to buy. I am such a last minute shopper. I always say I am going to start early and never do. Don't you hate not knowing what to get someone? I hate just giving a thoughtless gift. I always try to give with a meaning behind it, but when that's still too hard, I am quite fond of the gag gifts, especially for the individual who buys themselves everything(STOP DOING THAT!) Leave room for the gift givers you greedy being..I KID! Seriously though, if you keep buying yourself everything expect the unexpected or send me a Christmas list and if you have been extra nice this year I will do my best to reward.

I have a weekend photography workshop 8hrs each day beginning today so I am up early to make room in my day as I am ready for 24 more hours of learning the ropes of photography. It's definitely not as simple as pointing the camera and shooting. Still trying to figure out how I am going to get in all 8hrs tomorrow with a birthday party at 2pm...eeek! Been taking my camera out of auto mode lately...double eeek! Functions galore, this could take awhile. I hear I can't call myself a photographer unless I am out of Auto mode. So YES people, I am doing it "Manual Style". See those family pics, MANUAL MODE! Sure I hit and miss on quite a few but that's what learning is all about after all....right? "We burn and we learn!" quote me on that:)

Happy Friday!~XO MJ

1. Feeling a like a little Dave Matthews this morning! If you have never seen this band in concert you are missing out. They are true artists and throw one heck of a concert and you get your monies worth. My hubby and I saw them in California about 4 yrs ago, they sent us home with smiles on our faces. So here ya go one of my favorite all time bands going back a few years. Here's DMB~CRUSH! LOVE!

2. I have shared this blog before but Niels Hermus from "Life is a Bucket" always has awesome posts. This one I loved. It's so true we always think we know it all. This is a post on "30 Lessons Learned in 30 Years" I have learned so much in my 30 something years;) Oh and I can betcha I am about to learn a whole lot more in the next 30. Only a professed know it all never self reflects or learns from life's lessons. So stop being a know it all~they don't exist in real life anyway. Shush up and let life teach ya a thing or two. Enjoy the ride, oh and this light hearted post.:)

3. So in looking for some awesome teen gifts(heck I even think these are cool) I came across these frames that mimic a Polaroid snapshot and yes they have to do with photography, but who doesn't like pictures? I believe this is a universal gift and very affordable, so buy a handful, just make sure to leave some for me! Click HERE to get some!

4. Something for the wee ones! Remember those Golden Books growing up? Well I do and for some reason I am always wanting my kids to have a taste of what it was we grew up reading or watching. My teens could care less but my baby girl only knows what mama gives her. I love these books and you can also find the puzzles to go with the books for that nostalgic feel..ahhh...to be a kid again! Click HERE to buy the set!

5.OM~Goodness! Can somebody say,"GENIUS!" Don't you hate when you see an invention especially one by an 8th grader who is also saving our planet and came up with these as a Go Green school project. Kids can be so BRILLIANT! These are called Lyzi wraps re-usable gift wrap, comes in all different sizes and red for Christmas. They can be washed, re-used no paper wasting and you know how grandma always saves the wrap neatly as in hopes she can re-gift and re-wrap(ok not all grandmas do this just some) Check it out Lyzi Wraps

So there ya have it! What are some neat finds you have come across lately? Please share! I am on the prowl for gift giving any and all ideas much appreciated! Have an awesome weekend! My photography workshop awaits!


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