Insanity Friday!

Ok ladies of your 30's and beyond please tell me if you are having the same issues I am losing weight ever since the day you hit 30. I remember having all the energy in the world in my 20's to wake up before the sun. Hit the gym before work and the weight would come off in a snap. Not so easy these days:( See I am 30 something and someone failed to tell me I would lose some of that momentum, I would have to work harder, eat less, and drink more water, and take vitamin supplements. Oh the joys of getting older.

I have to admit I was a healthy 20 something because I guess I had a reason to be. I was needing to fit into those sexy clothes paired with an even sexier heel all just to go dancing. Not even really to impress the guys but it's more of a competition to impress the girlfriends. Yes we all know our girls are the only ones who are going to compliment us, stroke our ego and notice the $200 pair of killer heels we just blew half our paycheck on. They are the ones we strive to impress, guys ehhh...they will take you out dancing step on those expensive beauties and never once look down cause they are too busy staring at your cleavage.

I admit I envy my 20's so very much. I know some of you will say WHY?! Well everyone is different. I had to grow up fast due to family situations,but I wont get into that now seeing as how I am already off track:) See I told ya it's that ADD kicking in!

So here I am in my 30's working my arse off for the past 5 months. I mean working it! I am here to lose so I am bringing it harder than ever. I had a brand new baby girl in August 09 so this is the reason I am working extra hard. Not to mention the fact I completely stopped exercising about a year before I found out I was pregnant. So I basically went a whole 2 years with no ooomph(is this even a word?) So getting back into the swing of things was hard on the body. Through my sleepless nights with a newborn I would fall asleep watching Insanity infomercials. They stuck in my head because I saw it every night. About 6 months later when I was finally out of my zombie state I was finally coerced to buy the darn thing. I was excited to get started!

Day 1 Fit test, day 2 ~there is no way I can do this, day 3~ I will start next Monday. Monday came fit test, Tuesday 10 min in~there is noway I can do this, Wednesday~I will start again next week. Something had to give! How was I going to make this happen and get out of this slump. No one was going to be able to do this for myself but me. After having long talks with myself inside my head (because I do this often its how I decision make) I decided this has to be it no excuses!
Brand New week Insanity fit test I pushed myself to complete it. I dug into my 20 year old mind frame grabbed a hold of her energy and did it! The rest is history! I have been doing it now since February 2010 and I haven't felt better. More energy, better moods, down 25lbs, wish it were more, but something is better then nothing. Not to mention my kids and dear hubby are thanking me for doing this cause I am a better person to be around. Now that I have been exercising or 5 months I crave how good it makes me feel over how good I will look. I crave how it makes me feel like wonder woman at times. I can say I improved my balance and trip less too. My family knows me to be quite the klutz.

I am now on round 2 of Insanity and now adding in this new work out which I love, yet another Beachbody vid called Brazilian Butt Lift(OMG they should be paying me for writing about but seriously I will only write about here what I have tried and will sincerely work. So if you ladies are looking for that killer work out I swear by these programs.

Maybe some of you have tried other things to make you feel good and keep you in shape. If you have I would love to know what they are! I crave to find what works and weed out what doesn't. So tell me what works for you!! Thanks for reading and TGIF! It's Insanity time!

Changin It Up!

So I have decided it is time to change it up. This is what I do! I get bored of things and have to be out with the old in with the new. I will blame my mild case of ADD on my kids who consistently have taken me out of my focused stage to take on their V.I.S(you can make that "S" any word you want) over mine. The mom.. mom... MOM has shifted my focus and made me a crazed non focused lunatic at times so watch out! I am known to change topic in the blink of an eye. For this I will ask for forgiveness ahead of time.

I started this blog out as private and started posting tid bits here and there of my new life in the south. But I had to change the title, "So I Married a Redneck Now What" as to not offend anyone I love dearly and lets face it there is no point writing just for me. It's not fun if it's just for me.

So fellow blogger join me on this journey as we will live, laugh, love together. I can't promise I will always be right, I will never intentionally offend, and I will always welcome women and men of all ages to help make this journey in life all make sense. I am just along for the ride,but riding solo is no fun! So don't let me down! Stay awhile, join in and lets ride this beautiful journey together!

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