FAB 5 Friday!!

Here we are Halloween Weekend and the last weekend to celebrate October 2010. I know there will be lots of costumes,chocolate faces, maybe pumpkin carving if you already haven't(We chose to do it tonight because I was getting tired of the moldy dying pumpkins before Halloween even arrived.) So whatever it is you may be doing don't forget to take those pictures. Capture those memories of Halloween October 2010! Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!:)

1. Well it wouldn't feel like Halloween without Oingo Boingo! Well at least in my mind:) When I was 18 I attended an Oingo Boingo concert on Halloween and it was AWESOME! Costumes galore and it was the year Nightmare Before Christmas came out so it seemed to be the theme of the concert. So in the spirit of Halloween here is Dead Man's Party by Oingo Boingo:)

2. I have mentioned Creative Live before! If you have not checked them out you are definitely missing out. They offer FREE well creative classes/workshops for those creative minds. I have had the pleasure of taking a few classes and even though they are free they are worth a million bucks seriously. I wrote about the Jasmine Star(wedding photographer genius) workshop I took awhile back~AMAZING! Well they are offering another great photography weekend workshop coming up in November with Tamara Lackey an amazing very well known children's photographer. You don't want to miss out these are top notch classes and you can't pass up FREE! Also today starting in about 30 min they are having a Pumpkin Carving workshop hurry and check it out!

3. Speaking of workshops people I have been scouring the internet for the best of the best because I live in a small town and I cannot find any local ones. Do not be put off by the internet ones they can actually do more for you and reach a larger audience making the experience just as if not more amazing! Head over to Big Picture Classes they too are offering a November workshop you do not want to miss! Love it!

4. Some more freebies!! Head over to Simplicity Photography and show some love and download her free Christmas card template FOR FREE! It is beautiful, she is talented and Christmas is right around the corner..YIKES!!

5. Head over to You Capture part of I Should Be Folding Laundry blog written by Beth for her amazing Photo challenges/link ups to share your Halloween images this week. It's fun, you meet other like minded people who LOVE photography and you have a GREAT reason to put off the chores! Check it out!

So Cheers to another Fab 5 Friday, Cheers to another Halloween of 2010, Cheers to chocolate faces, trick or treats, goblins, ghosts...most importantly Cheers to picture taking! Preserve those memories~Capture those moments!

Saying Goodbye to October 2010- Part II

It is a two parter! See previous post for more photos and written part of the blog post!

Saying Goodbye to October 2010- Part I

I woke up this morning and decided to organize and go through all the photographs I took just in October. Phew...I took quite a few! As we come to the end of October the month which I adore by the way, I thought I would share some photos I can't believe I over looked to share. Most are of random things I saw beauty in, some I saw Fall, some spooky but all in all I saw beauty in each and every one. Who knew right in my own backyard, here in town I could find Gold. Things most people pass by everyday and think, "ehhhh...that's old!" Well in my love for all things beautiful and old here are a few more to close out the month of October. I get one more weekend to photograph the month and I hear it's going to be a beauty! I have been dying to get my Senior Ali into the spot light but she has been too darn busy. Hoping this weekend I can steal her from her world and bring her into mine! I miss her..like A LOT!

Everything Is Not Okay!

What started out as a routine nightly check in to tell my girls good night and to make sure all electronic devices are put up(with the exception of anything that plays music but minus the texting or any socializing abilities) I walked in upon one of my baby girls. My baby girl who seems to thrive off of all things in the social networking world. But unlike any other night she was hunched over her IPOD in hand sitting on her knees with a look on her face that looked far from happy. My first reaction was to get angry because she knew better. It was way past her bedtime! But I digressed! I pushed the anger down and joked, "Did you think I wouldn't notice you were still awake?" Mama notices everything! Without saying one word she got up and gave me the longest biggest bear hug I have ever received from my now 14 year old. I hugged tighter, we rocked back and forth in silence in the moment. I wanted to panic! I NEEDED to know ASAP what was wrong with my baby girl. But I digressed once again. I played it cool not letting her in on the panic attack I was having on the inside. I told her I love her, stroked her long shiny black hair. I couldn't take the suspense! "Sweetie what's the matter?" I asked still hugging tight. "I miss my family!" I in a sincere response, "Well sweetie we are right here, we are right outside the door come join us!" I broke the tears into laughter...sighhh:) "No mom my family back in California. I miss all my cousins, my grandma, my dad." Of course I knew this is what she meant. But see sincerely I thought she was handling it well. I thought unlike me she was having the time of her life making new friends. I was so wrong! EVERYTHING IS NOT OKAY!

We walked out of her sleeping sister's room who was oblivious to the tears over the foot of her bed. It was 1am and I was about to shut my tired eyes before I came in to find her. But I felt the need to stay up with her...IT WAS A NEED! My baby girl needed me right now. "You wanna watch a movie?" I asked. "No I just wanna talk. I like just talking to you." she said. My heart melted. "Oh ok" I played it cool again but was totally jumping for joy on the inside, "MY TEEN DAUGHTER DOES LOVE ME!" I thought for sure I was hated through all those rolling of the eyes, the demands to clean, go to bed, GET OFF THE COMPUTER! I thought I was uncool and just mean mommy in her eyes. Come to find out~ She Loves Me! She loves talking to me...sighhh! My tired eyes instantly get a second wind and we did just that. We sat on the couch talking for 3 more hours! We talked about Home..sighhh. Funny times, sad times, friends,boys, and of course God. She had a lot of questions, but I knew this. Cassie has always been full of questions and curious about every little thing. We talked and talked. It felt good! I think..NO..I KNOW I NEEDED that just as much as her. As I was about to get up to call it a night she grabbed my pant leg the closest thing she could grab and kissed it. We both started laughing hysterically:) I reached down to give one more great big hug before hittin the pillow. "Mom, how could anyone not like you?" Sighhhh....I wanted to cry but instead I giggled with delight. My reply, "Well honey how could anyone not LOVE you?"

The clock struck 4am and our hurting,frustrated hearts were able to sleep in peace that night. We gave into the moment. We didn't let our sleepy eyes dictate the outcome. Had I went to sleep I would have missed out on an unforgettable night and my baby girl would have went to sleep crying instead of smiling. I love night's like these when Everything Can Be Made Okay with a hug, a talk, a kiss!

I Heart Faces "Pink Week"

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month~Think Pink Boots!

"These Boots Were Made For Walkin and that's just what they'll Do! One of these days these Boots Are Gonna Walk All Over You!"~Nancy Sinatra

I took a mini-photo shoot of my Sweet Mikayla with her brand new Fuchsia Pink cowboy boots Grandma bought her a few weeks ago. We are all in love with her boots and Mama is now seeking a matching pair! I can't help but sing this song when thinking of Cancer Survivors and those who have passed. God Bless each and Everyone!

Weekend In Review!

My weekends always seem to come and go no matter how long I beg them to stay. I guess it goes with the saying, "Time Flies When You're Havin Fun!" So I can't complain..I Guess:(

This weekend consisted of barns, horses, hay rides, smore's over bonfires and new friends! Oh and Flea Market shopping! That my girls had to be talked into doing. Though I didn't get any pictures of that:( We had to tell them there were books and purses galore inside. Little did we know there actually were, well at least ones they would want. I quote my daughter upon finding a purse with a tag still on, "Why would nobody want this stuff?"...lol so it didn't take much coaxing to get them in the next Flea Market we hit. They jumped out before I could ask, "Are you coming?" I on the other hand am on a mission to find all things old. I found lots of old but not so much a bargain...eeeek! Old things are expensive! Who knew old things one day would cost so much money! So much more then what the original owner paid for the item brand new. But I did get lucky and score a vintage chair. Not quite what I was looking for, but it works at $20 buckaroos! I will post pics later on that. I am dreaming up something special, keeping my fingers and lil piggies crossed it turns out how I am imagining.

So here are a few pics from this weekend's barn yard bash at Shamrock Farms. We were invited by sweet owner Crystal in hopes to get my girls riding. If they aren't going to mama is! I grabbed my camera in a hurry to get out the door never thinking once it needed charging. So I was short on pics this weekend:(..Mama Failed! Lesson learned, it will never happen again!:(

Hope you all had another wonderful weekend! What did you all do? Hopefully you took pictures for those lifetime memories. Oh and if you did please share! I love looking at everyone's pictures!

Fab 5 Friday!

Friday why must you go and leave me like that! But you are here again and we shall have another rendezvous of some sort...hmmmm! So I talk to my favorite day of the week, gotta problem with that:P I'm diving right in~ here she goes! TGIF Peeps!

1. So if by chance you are reading this for the first time I ALWAYS start my Fab 5 with music because music is always my major source of inspiration through the week. So here we have Florence and the Machine! I love this lady so much I am sharing more than 1 song. Just in case a certain someone is reading this~ I WOULD LOVE tickets(front row preferred) to see her in concert! Any venue will do~ I'm not picky. Oh and if you haven't bought her album "Lungs" it's a must go getter:)

2. I come across some awesome blogs weekly and sometimes they come to me. I believe Mr. Niels Hermus added me on Twitter and of course out of curiosity I had to check out the handsome fella's blog:) I love when I instantly fall in love with things! I feel like I hit the jackpot..cha-ching:) Same goes with finding a music CD you can sincerely say you LOVE every song on(that was a random comparison). It happens rarely, so if I am sharing it's because I think these people and blogs are that great..GET IT! So head over and check out Niels blog Life is a Bucket my fav post by him I read today was "How to Middle Finger Your Fear" I can't wait to catch up on other posts. Cheers to the Fearless!

3. Another Awesome blog I absolutely LOVE is Zen Habits
by Leo Babauta the link I have shared takes you straight to his first time readers guided tour and starts you off with his most popular post #1 Breathe just breathe people!

4. I just realized upon posting my 4th Fab of the week, the men dominate my list! Go Men! You rocked my world this week along with Miss Florence! I love this blog for many reasons Shadowhouse Creations by Jerry Jones. This man is Creative, Talented and gives free textures, tutorials you name it to liven up those photos, etc. You can check out his awesome slideshow La Cinematique slide show which gives off that Halloween vibe. I'm diggin it Jerry:)

5. Oh and here we have the last but not least! I am trying to find my way back into the domesticated role. Knock..knock is anyone home?!? I fear she may be long gone but in the process of trying to bring her back I am taking on a craft to make me feel somewhat crafty. Is that not what domesticated women do? I have no clue? I am only going with my gut feeling. I need to explorer and be creative in many ways. I remember when my oldest ones were babies I use to make things and give them as gifts. If you are reading this and know me and never knew this it's #1 I didn't like you enough to make you a gift #2 We met after my domesticated days...I kid but only about #1. Anyhow back on track join me in learning something new! There are so many things to learn out there! Pick 1 thing and become really good at it:) I think I found what I will be taking up as a craft, besides my photography of course. But I will wait to share until I actually do it..lol:) Here are some of my favorite sites to get you started on being crafty. Craftzine I think is my fav! The site is so organized with its crafty color coded tabs~Projects, Blog, Videos, etc... and did I mention FREE! Another great site to check out Craft Bits this link will take you straight to their kids crafts section which I think is great! Awesome stuff and also FREE! This next site You Can Make This charges per instruction/tutorial but I liked it enough to give mention and they do offer a few freebies. But I think this site is affordable and worth the tutorial download.

Well I hope you found some spots of Inspiration here. These are all worth the time to check out and I am so happy I took the time to swing by each and everyone this week. Have an awesome Fall Weekend! Get Busy Y'all!:)

Welcome Baby Kyler 9/27/10~Slideshow

It was the first Monday of the New Fall Season and Baby Kyler was on his way. I received a phone call about 7am stating Ginger's water had broke and she was dilated to 3cm. I thought, "Ok, I better shower and be quick!" I rushed through shower, feeding my baby girl Mikayla. Getting her ready..etc..etc and then it dawned on me, this was her 3rd, if she was anything like me and my 3rd that baby may come quicker. MOVE FASTER MARI!! I dropped Mikayla off with Grandma and Grandpa who were keeping 3 munchkins busy while Kyler made his way to meet Mommy and Daddy's loving arms. I walked through the door and the first thing Ginger said, "It's time!" I got their just in time literally! She was ready to push! "Where's daddy?" I asked. "He's eating breakfast." Ginger stated. Me Calling Daddy..."Daddy It's time!" Daddy says.."What already? Ok I will be right there!" So picture taking began with focus on the contractions. I have to admit this was one of the most peaceful births I have encountered, but than again I was always on the other end and it seemed much more chaotic from my point of view. But on this day it was nothing but serene. Mommy was doing amazing and had everything under control. But it goes hand in hand with her job you see, she is a labor and delivery nurse and her colleagues were helping deliver her precious one into the world on this day.

So here it is folks! My very first Delivery Shoot! It was an amazing experience! Picture taking or not. Welcoming a new life into this world is nothing short of a miracle and absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Please Welcome Baby Kyler into the World!

Welcome Baby Kyler! from Mari Morten on Vimeo.

Weekend In Review!

The leaves lay scattered beneath the beaten trees, the earth lies dry with crickets playing beneath my feet and the sun is relentless on this beautiful, yet very warm fall day! Yikes! We are supposed to be sporting our new fall wardrobe, but instead our summer clothes have been given an extended life line. We were waiting for the perfect fall day including cool temps so I could take Mikayla's first photo shoot. But since Mother Nature has a mind of her own it was short sleeves, flip flops, and shorts on this beautiful fall weekend shoot. Mikayla had to ditch that extra layer which adorned the trees as a new ornament on a Christmas tree. So here are a few teasers of Mikayla's first photo shoot of which I have been posting everywhere! Not because I took the photos, but because I AM head over heels in love with this munchkin face and I love her to the moon and back and than a whole lot more:) Enjoy!~XO

FAB 5 "FUN" Friday!!

Friday..you had me at "Hello!" I Love you Dearly for too many reasons to state! So here's to a FAB "FUN" Friday. I am doing something different...Ooohhhh..Aaahhhh! Nothing about photography just something light hearted to get you in the Friday mood. Something to laugh with, a little something to sing to. I'm makin it a Mika Friday! With a little sarcastic humor thrown it at the end..WHY? Well because that's how I roll people:) P.S. If you have not bought Mika's CD yet you are missing out. He just knows how to get the party started! I had a Mika Week it was a mixture of up's and downs~just one of those weeks! The story of my life raising 4 girls in our new home away from "HOME!" The Story of My Life this week sang by Mika! My Life as a Musical~ENJOY!

1. My week started out a little something like this:

2. Than to my dismay it turned to more something like this~ "More than this whatever it is~ Baby I Hate Days Like This!"

3. Than I couldn't help but sing this~"Dude Your Perspective On Life Sucks!"

4. So of course I knew this is the way my week would end~ One could only keep me down so long~ I've been through too much to know better! Did I mention I am as stubborn as it gets! I refuse to let anyone get to me~ just ask the the man who agreed to marry me:) Though he is just as stubborn so we both agreed to this agony...GAHHH! So ok this song isn't really singing a triumphant happy ending, but my life isn't over just yet! There will be many more beginnings, many more endings I'm just a girl in the world livin life~ trying to make sense of it all!

5. Last but not least to end our Fab 5 "FUN" Friday I will leave with you Sarcasm at it's finest by a Brilliant man by the name of David Thorne Click on his name to read about him first so his website will make sense, otherwise you may get lost in translation. Here is one of my Favorite posts that had me crying with laughter in the end! These are real true emails he banters back and forth with individuals of whom he will give a side note(be sure to read left hand column of each post) to explain the email before reading. So here it is the FAB Website of the Week by David Thorne 27b/6 Please excuse the girl in the right hand corner flipping the world off.

*WARNING* Buy Mika's CD and Visit David Thorne's website only IF you CRAVE Musicals, Drop everything to watch the following~ GLEE, West Side Story, Chicago, Moulin Rouge(I loved this movie so much I ran to the nearest Fine Art exhibition with my now ex-husband and bought the fairly largest Moulin Rouge framed print I could find! Months later he would decide our new fate and now that print has a new home in storage.) Still Love the Movie, thinking maybe I should sell the print..hmmmm...any takers?!?:) Also if you love The Office, 30 Rock, Chelsea Lately~Ok I think you get my humor and sense of taste here. I realize not everyone LOVES the things I do. I GET IT! But you should only say you don't like it after you've tried it. At least that's what I tell my girls!

So there you have it! Have an another Awesome Fall Weekend! We will be Music Thumpin, Pumpkin Pickin, Picture Takin and Joy Ridin all over town! ENJOY!

Weekend In Review Part II

Here are some more Amazing barns and trees from here in town. They are beautiful and add so much character to the landscape. Truly one of the South's Beauties. I Heart All Things Old! Enjoy! I edited some to give the Halloween feel. Happy Hump Day!:)

Weekend In Review!

So this weekend I added on a extra day and stayed away from the computer! So I missed my Weekend In Review which is suppose to be ready Monday! I am only a day late not too bad. Better late than never! Oh and have I got some great images to share that I took this weekend! All Halloween Inspired. We are celebrating Fall People! This Weekend In Review I am sharing Old Barns and Trees that give that Spooky Halloween feel. I hope these put you in the mood for Halloween if you aren't already! Enjoy! Again this may be a 1 of many because I got so many images! I think I will just start off with what I will call The Mystery Barn! This was my favorite! So if you see different edits of the same things It is because I always have a hard time picking favorites. So help me decided which is your fav because I would LOVE to know!~XO

What A Beauty Of A Day!

Ok, I normally never post twice on one day, but I took lots of pictures today! It was a beauty of a day. Getting to see the sunset through the tips of the beautiful trees already changing color. Did I mention I HEART FALL! I just LOVE it! So since I had a beauty of a day, I will post the most Beautiful of them all! One of My Sweet Baby Girls Gabs. We only planned on taking scenery pictures, but I demanded her out of the car so I could get a few shots for fun. She was an excellent sport. You tell me if it looks like she's having fun! Here are a few of her! I will make you wait for the rest til Monday~Weekend in Review Post. Have a Magnifico Weekend! Don't forget your cameras!

FAB 5 Friday!!

We meet again Friday! The day I shout Amen to the Heavens above. Why?!? Well because it means I get to spend time with my family, we get to argue, complain to one another, get on each others nerves~ all in the name of Love "GLORIOUS LOVE". We are dysfunctional(I always thought it was spelled with an "I"? Thanks spell check for making me feel stupid once again:P) but I wouldn't have it any other way. In fact I think we are normal. If we were anything like the Leave It To Beaver family than I would think #1 We were very dysfunctional #2 We were in a lost episode of the Twilight Zone(man I loved that show growing up as a kid). I am odd like that! Ok..Ok...on to my FAB 5 of the week. Enjoy~kickin it off with music as always!

1. To Set the Friday mood here we have some Cold War kids "I've Seen Enough"

2. I Love Smashing Magazine Website! I always stumble upon interesting posts from them and here is a post I loved~"Balancing Inspiration and Individuality" It's worth the read, worth the thought and definitely worth the need to take action. Be Inspired*Create*Be the Inspirer~my self quote! I have been telling myself this for quite some time hoping it sticks day in and out!

3. Life With My Three Boybarians is an awesome blog written by Darcy. She is a fellow picture taker and is taking the month of October dedicating each post to 31 Days To A Better Photo which is very helpful to newbies and definitely worth checking out!

4. Love this site and what I would call a movement that needs to catch on check out Mondo Beyondo Encouraging individuals to recoginze their dreams and see them to fruition. They offer awesome workshops to motivate, inspire to DREAM BIG!

5. I ALWAYS save the best for last. I LOVE...did I mention LOVE Kindness Girl written by Patience Salgado. I stumbled upon her video on Mondo Beyondo titled "The Great Ding Dong Ditch" Of which I posted earlier this week. She is an amazing human being. By reading her posts you will see she is living life to the fullest. She is creating life, creating beautiful memories to last her kids an eternity. I wrote a letter to Mrs. Salgado and she so kindly replied with such a generous heart. She is sincerely and Angel on earth. Not to mention I found she photographs the birth of precious newborns which is something I have been looking into doing. I had the privilege of photographing my first live birth the first Fall Monday of this year. I am still editing pics and can't wait to share the photos! Thanks to my Sister In Law who was game the moment I asked her to birth her most private of moments. Please check out Kindness Girl she has inspired me and I am sure she will do the same for you!

There you have it my friends! Have a safe Beautiful Fall Weekend. Don't forget your camera~Capture those memories!

P.S...Leaving you with another song by the Cold War Kids~"Hang Me Up To Dry"

Insane In the Membrane!

Does this sound like you? "I need to edit pics...Wouldn't it be nice to take a trip to Gatlinburg to see the fall colors..Oh wow Halloween is right around the corner I need to buy a Costume for the munchkin ASAP!...Gosh it's getting cold we all need new clothes ASAP! I really gotta start working on those pics and get a website together for my sister in law... OMG! Ali's Senior pics I have to take those ASAP the colors are changing on the trees! I need to get her an outfit!... Man I wish I could go to Cali and visit my family! Man I really need to work on those pic!.... Wait my blog I need to write a post THAN I will work on the pictures right after I take some pics for Ebay to sell some stuff(it takes money to buy new things) Wait it's almost lunch time Mikayla will be up from her nap shortly HURRY POST TO BLOG ASAP!"

Yes this was my thought pattern say within 1 minute time frame hit repeat and that's my Insane Brain! I drive myself crazy! It's literally what I go through day in and out and guess what happens at the end of the day..I GET NONE OF IT DONE! Ok well maybe a few things like this post maybe 1 or 2 pics edited while I struggle with Photoshop to get the colors just right on my images. But do you get what I'm working with here people...it's MADNESS I tell ya! PURE MADNESS!

So I think I'm caving in to the TO DO LIST hoopla! Yeah I'm gonna try it! After all it may help keep me on track. I may need to post it to my forehead or get a HUGE billboard to write it in BOLD GINORMOUS letters! But I am thinking it's a must! If I want to get anything done I have to have a method to my MADNESS! So here goes nothing! I'm making a TO DO LIST right after I make lunch, edit pics, take pics for Ebay, sign up for that tutorial class I so desperately need, send out some inquiries on places to stay in Gatlinburg and darn it a girl has to shop! Season's are changing after all~ it is a must! Here I go!

Oh wait before I leave I had to google "Ways to STAY FOCUSED!" I came upon this awesome article of which I will finish reading ASAP! If you happen to get to the end faster than me can you leave cleft notes in the comment sections below. It would be greatly appreciated. Oh yeah and don't forget to share how you battle the Insanity going on upstairs in your world. That is assuming your brain works like mine...AGHHH! I demand a new brain ASAP! Oh yeah here is the link 11 Ways to Stay Focused not 10 BUT 11 Ways by David Cheong! I'm off to battle the brain!

The Great Ding Dong Ditch!

I stumbled upon the video below following blog after blog where they mentioned this Awesome site Mondo Beyondo~see link in right column! I will post more about this site on Friday! This is definitely hitting my top Fab 5 this week! This Video had me laughing at first thinking, "Ahhh...to be a kid again! To Ding Dong Ditch AGAIN!" Then when I realized this was an Inspirational Ding Dong Ditch I actually cried. The random act of kindness from an unseen stranger at another strangers door step. BRILLIANT! I LOVE THIS!

The Great Ding Dong Ditch from patience salgado on Vimeo.

You can also visit the maker of this video Patience Salgado at Kindness Girl This is a FAB 5 I could not wait to share and has Inspired me on this Wednesday Morning!

Now get out there and Ding Dong Ditch!Just make sure you leave something lovely behind to Inspire the receiver! Cheers to Ding Dong Ditching~The Nice Way!

The Journey Begins!

The Journey Begins Photo was taken 9/27/10! This was moments after Sweet Baby Kyler entered the world! Born to my Sister and Brother in Law and those two sweet kids you see in my header photo above! He is our new favorite face and addition to our family! What an awesome way to kick off fall! The birth of a precious baby to adore!

To Enter head on over to Love That Shot! You can also check out all other Fabulous Entries for your Favorite Face!


Fab 5 Friday!

It's that time again! Fab 5 Friday! All week I have been editing pictures! My first live birth and lets just say I am so not pro when it comes to editing! Most of this week posts will probably be photography related since I had to troll the Internet for help...S.O.S! I always find so many awesome websites! What a wonderful world we live in that an enormous amount of knowledge is only a key punch away. As always I will start off with music!

1. I am kicken off this post with Cat Power! This is an older song but I just love this song!

2. This next favorite is like striking gold! I found 10 different photography sites by visiting this one page can somebody say Cha~Ching! I love striking gold! Site is The Photoletariat check it out it's a must!

3. Coming up pretty quick! Monday to be exact is a LIVE Broadcast with a tremendous amount of talent discussing Photography and the Business side! You can join in live or purchase the Live viewing for a very reasonable amount all purchases are $20 and under! That's a deal! Check it out ASAP to register! Escalate Live

4. Don't forget to head over to Fix It Friday's @ I Heart Faces it's a fun way to learn or teach using your killer Photoshop editing abilities or whatever it is you are using these days! Share your skill with the world. All participants take the same photo provided by I Heart Faces contributor and edit to their taste and than share with everyone. Get linked in ASAP!

5. Since I listened to a lot of music while editing this week here is another favorite of mine Manchester Orchestra! Love these guys! Not to mention their videos give pretty awesome images!

There you have it my friends! Cheers to another Fabulous Fall Weekend! It has only just begun and I am in love!

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