Saying Goodbye to October 2010- Part I

I woke up this morning and decided to organize and go through all the photographs I took just in October. Phew...I took quite a few! As we come to the end of October the month which I adore by the way, I thought I would share some photos I can't believe I over looked to share. Most are of random things I saw beauty in, some I saw Fall, some spooky but all in all I saw beauty in each and every one. Who knew right in my own backyard, here in town I could find Gold. Things most people pass by everyday and think, "ehhhh...that's old!" Well in my love for all things beautiful and old here are a few more to close out the month of October. I get one more weekend to photograph the month and I hear it's going to be a beauty! I have been dying to get my Senior Ali into the spot light but she has been too darn busy. Hoping this weekend I can steal her from her world and bring her into mine! I miss A LOT!


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