Weekend In Review!

So this weekend I added on a extra day and stayed away from the computer! So I missed my Weekend In Review which is suppose to be ready Monday! I am only a day late not too bad. Better late than never! Oh and have I got some great images to share that I took this weekend! All Halloween Inspired. We are celebrating Fall People! This Weekend In Review I am sharing Old Barns and Trees that give that Spooky Halloween feel. I hope these put you in the mood for Halloween if you aren't already! Enjoy! Again this may be a 1 of many because I got so many images! I think I will just start off with what I will call The Mystery Barn! This was my favorite! So if you see different edits of the same things It is because I always have a hard time picking favorites. So help me decided which is your fav because I would LOVE to know!~XO


Laura said...

I am not really sure how I found your blog but I am your newest follower. Hope you will return the favor and follow me back. I love your photography! Your girls are beautiful... Hope you have a great day.

MJ said...

Thank you so much Laura! I am now your newest follower! I see it says you are also in Arkansas! We may be neighbors and not even know it!:) I am so glad you found me! Have an awesome week ahead!~:)

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