Fab 5 Friday!

It's that time again! Fab 5 Friday! All week I have been editing pictures! My first live birth and lets just say I am so not pro when it comes to editing! Most of this week posts will probably be photography related since I had to troll the Internet for help...S.O.S! I always find so many awesome websites! What a wonderful world we live in that an enormous amount of knowledge is only a key punch away. As always I will start off with music!

1. I am kicken off this post with Cat Power! This is an older song but I just love this song!

2. This next favorite is like striking gold! I found 10 different photography sites by visiting this one page can somebody say Cha~Ching! I love striking gold! Site is The Photoletariat check it out it's a must!

3. Coming up pretty quick! Monday to be exact is a LIVE Broadcast with a tremendous amount of talent discussing Photography and the Business side! You can join in live or purchase the Live viewing for a very reasonable amount all purchases are $20 and under! That's a deal! Check it out ASAP to register! Escalate Live

4. Don't forget to head over to Fix It Friday's @ I Heart Faces it's a fun way to learn or teach using your killer Photoshop editing abilities or whatever it is you are using these days! Share your skill with the world. All participants take the same photo provided by I Heart Faces contributor and edit to their taste and than share with everyone. Get linked in ASAP!

5. Since I listened to a lot of music while editing this week here is another favorite of mine Manchester Orchestra! Love these guys! Not to mention their videos give pretty awesome images!

There you have it my friends! Cheers to another Fabulous Fall Weekend! It has only just begun and I am in love!


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