FAB 5 Friday!!

We meet again Friday! The day I shout Amen to the Heavens above. Why?!? Well because it means I get to spend time with my family, we get to argue, complain to one another, get on each others nerves~ all in the name of Love "GLORIOUS LOVE". We are dysfunctional(I always thought it was spelled with an "I"? Thanks spell check for making me feel stupid once again:P) but I wouldn't have it any other way. In fact I think we are normal. If we were anything like the Leave It To Beaver family than I would think #1 We were very dysfunctional #2 We were in a lost episode of the Twilight Zone(man I loved that show growing up as a kid). I am odd like that! Ok..Ok...on to my FAB 5 of the week. Enjoy~kickin it off with music as always!

1. To Set the Friday mood here we have some Cold War kids "I've Seen Enough"

2. I Love Smashing Magazine Website! I always stumble upon interesting posts from them and here is a post I loved~"Balancing Inspiration and Individuality" It's worth the read, worth the thought and definitely worth the need to take action. Be Inspired*Create*Be the Inspirer~my self quote! I have been telling myself this for quite some time hoping it sticks day in and out!

3. Life With My Three Boybarians is an awesome blog written by Darcy. She is a fellow picture taker and is taking the month of October dedicating each post to 31 Days To A Better Photo which is very helpful to newbies and definitely worth checking out!

4. Love this site and what I would call a movement that needs to catch on check out Mondo Beyondo Encouraging individuals to recoginze their dreams and see them to fruition. They offer awesome workshops to motivate, inspire to DREAM BIG!

5. I ALWAYS save the best for last. I LOVE...did I mention LOVE Kindness Girl written by Patience Salgado. I stumbled upon her video on Mondo Beyondo titled "The Great Ding Dong Ditch" Of which I posted earlier this week. She is an amazing human being. By reading her posts you will see she is living life to the fullest. She is creating life, creating beautiful memories to last her kids an eternity. I wrote a letter to Mrs. Salgado and she so kindly replied with such a generous heart. She is sincerely and Angel on earth. Not to mention I found she photographs the birth of precious newborns which is something I have been looking into doing. I had the privilege of photographing my first live birth the first Fall Monday of this year. I am still editing pics and can't wait to share the photos! Thanks to my Sister In Law who was game the moment I asked her to birth her most private of moments. Please check out Kindness Girl she has inspired me and I am sure she will do the same for you!

There you have it my friends! Have a safe Beautiful Fall Weekend. Don't forget your camera~Capture those memories!

P.S...Leaving you with another song by the Cold War Kids~"Hang Me Up To Dry"


kindnessgirl said...

oh, you are much too kind MJ! Thank you for spreading the kindness... So excited to see your birth pictures and looking forward to talking more soon. :)

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