Fab 5 Friday!

Friday why must you go and leave me like that! But you are here again and we shall have another rendezvous of some sort...hmmmm! So I talk to my favorite day of the week, gotta problem with that:P I'm diving right in~ here she goes! TGIF Peeps!

1. So if by chance you are reading this for the first time I ALWAYS start my Fab 5 with music because music is always my major source of inspiration through the week. So here we have Florence and the Machine! I love this lady so much I am sharing more than 1 song. Just in case a certain someone is reading this~ I WOULD LOVE tickets(front row preferred) to see her in concert! Any venue will do~ I'm not picky. Oh and if you haven't bought her album "Lungs" it's a must go getter:)

2. I come across some awesome blogs weekly and sometimes they come to me. I believe Mr. Niels Hermus added me on Twitter and of course out of curiosity I had to check out the handsome fella's blog:) I love when I instantly fall in love with things! I feel like I hit the jackpot..cha-ching:) Same goes with finding a music CD you can sincerely say you LOVE every song on(that was a random comparison). It happens rarely, so if I am sharing it's because I think these people and blogs are that great..GET IT! So head over and check out Niels blog Life is a Bucket my fav post by him I read today was "How to Middle Finger Your Fear" I can't wait to catch up on other posts. Cheers to the Fearless!

3. Another Awesome blog I absolutely LOVE is Zen Habits
by Leo Babauta the link I have shared takes you straight to his first time readers guided tour and starts you off with his most popular post #1 Breathe just breathe people!

4. I just realized upon posting my 4th Fab of the week, the men dominate my list! Go Men! You rocked my world this week along with Miss Florence! I love this blog for many reasons Shadowhouse Creations by Jerry Jones. This man is Creative, Talented and gives free textures, tutorials you name it to liven up those photos, etc. You can check out his awesome slideshow La Cinematique slide show which gives off that Halloween vibe. I'm diggin it Jerry:)

5. Oh and here we have the last but not least! I am trying to find my way back into the domesticated role. Knock..knock is anyone home?!? I fear she may be long gone but in the process of trying to bring her back I am taking on a craft to make me feel somewhat crafty. Is that not what domesticated women do? I have no clue? I am only going with my gut feeling. I need to explorer and be creative in many ways. I remember when my oldest ones were babies I use to make things and give them as gifts. If you are reading this and know me and never knew this it's #1 I didn't like you enough to make you a gift #2 We met after my domesticated days...I kid but only about #1. Anyhow back on track join me in learning something new! There are so many things to learn out there! Pick 1 thing and become really good at it:) I think I found what I will be taking up as a craft, besides my photography of course. But I will wait to share until I actually do it..lol:) Here are some of my favorite sites to get you started on being crafty. Craftzine I think is my fav! The site is so organized with its crafty color coded tabs~Projects, Blog, Videos, etc... and did I mention FREE! Another great site to check out Craft Bits this link will take you straight to their kids crafts section which I think is great! Awesome stuff and also FREE! This next site You Can Make This charges per instruction/tutorial but I liked it enough to give mention and they do offer a few freebies. But I think this site is affordable and worth the tutorial download.

Well I hope you found some spots of Inspiration here. These are all worth the time to check out and I am so happy I took the time to swing by each and everyone this week. Have an awesome Fall Weekend! Get Busy Y'all!:)


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