FAB 5 "FUN" Friday!!

Friday..you had me at "Hello!" I Love you Dearly for too many reasons to state! So here's to a FAB "FUN" Friday. I am doing something different...Ooohhhh..Aaahhhh! Nothing about photography just something light hearted to get you in the Friday mood. Something to laugh with, a little something to sing to. I'm makin it a Mika Friday! With a little sarcastic humor thrown it at the end..WHY? Well because that's how I roll people:) P.S. If you have not bought Mika's CD yet you are missing out. He just knows how to get the party started! I had a Mika Week it was a mixture of up's and downs~just one of those weeks! The story of my life raising 4 girls in our new home away from "HOME!" The Story of My Life this week sang by Mika! My Life as a Musical~ENJOY!

1. My week started out a little something like this:

2. Than to my dismay it turned to more something like this~ "More than this whatever it is~ Baby I Hate Days Like This!"

3. Than I couldn't help but sing this~"Dude Your Perspective On Life Sucks!"

4. So of course I knew this is the way my week would end~ One could only keep me down so long~ I've been through too much to know better! Did I mention I am as stubborn as it gets! I refuse to let anyone get to me~ just ask the the man who agreed to marry me:) Though he is just as stubborn so we both agreed to this agony...GAHHH! So ok this song isn't really singing a triumphant happy ending, but my life isn't over just yet! There will be many more beginnings, many more endings I'm just a girl in the world livin life~ trying to make sense of it all!

5. Last but not least to end our Fab 5 "FUN" Friday I will leave with you Sarcasm at it's finest by a Brilliant man by the name of David Thorne Click on his name to read about him first so his website will make sense, otherwise you may get lost in translation. Here is one of my Favorite posts that had me crying with laughter in the end! These are real true emails he banters back and forth with individuals of whom he will give a side note(be sure to read left hand column of each post) to explain the email before reading. So here it is the FAB Website of the Week by David Thorne 27b/6 Please excuse the girl in the right hand corner flipping the world off.

*WARNING* Buy Mika's CD and Visit David Thorne's website only IF you CRAVE Musicals, Drop everything to watch the following~ GLEE, West Side Story, Chicago, Moulin Rouge(I loved this movie so much I ran to the nearest Fine Art exhibition with my now ex-husband and bought the fairly largest Moulin Rouge framed print I could find! Months later he would decide our new fate and now that print has a new home in storage.) Still Love the Movie, thinking maybe I should sell the print..hmmmm...any takers?!?:) Also if you love The Office, 30 Rock, Chelsea Lately~Ok I think you get my humor and sense of taste here. I realize not everyone LOVES the things I do. I GET IT! But you should only say you don't like it after you've tried it. At least that's what I tell my girls!

So there you have it! Have an another Awesome Fall Weekend! We will be Music Thumpin, Pumpkin Pickin, Picture Takin and Joy Ridin all over town! ENJOY!


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