Insane In the Membrane!

Does this sound like you? "I need to edit pics...Wouldn't it be nice to take a trip to Gatlinburg to see the fall colors..Oh wow Halloween is right around the corner I need to buy a Costume for the munchkin ASAP!...Gosh it's getting cold we all need new clothes ASAP! I really gotta start working on those pics and get a website together for my sister in law... OMG! Ali's Senior pics I have to take those ASAP the colors are changing on the trees! I need to get her an outfit!... Man I wish I could go to Cali and visit my family! Man I really need to work on those pic!.... Wait my blog I need to write a post THAN I will work on the pictures right after I take some pics for Ebay to sell some stuff(it takes money to buy new things) Wait it's almost lunch time Mikayla will be up from her nap shortly HURRY POST TO BLOG ASAP!"

Yes this was my thought pattern say within 1 minute time frame hit repeat and that's my Insane Brain! I drive myself crazy! It's literally what I go through day in and out and guess what happens at the end of the day..I GET NONE OF IT DONE! Ok well maybe a few things like this post maybe 1 or 2 pics edited while I struggle with Photoshop to get the colors just right on my images. But do you get what I'm working with here's MADNESS I tell ya! PURE MADNESS!

So I think I'm caving in to the TO DO LIST hoopla! Yeah I'm gonna try it! After all it may help keep me on track. I may need to post it to my forehead or get a HUGE billboard to write it in BOLD GINORMOUS letters! But I am thinking it's a must! If I want to get anything done I have to have a method to my MADNESS! So here goes nothing! I'm making a TO DO LIST right after I make lunch, edit pics, take pics for Ebay, sign up for that tutorial class I so desperately need, send out some inquiries on places to stay in Gatlinburg and darn it a girl has to shop! Season's are changing after all~ it is a must! Here I go!

Oh wait before I leave I had to google "Ways to STAY FOCUSED!" I came upon this awesome article of which I will finish reading ASAP! If you happen to get to the end faster than me can you leave cleft notes in the comment sections below. It would be greatly appreciated. Oh yeah and don't forget to share how you battle the Insanity going on upstairs in your world. That is assuming your brain works like mine...AGHHH! I demand a new brain ASAP! Oh yeah here is the link 11 Ways to Stay Focused not 10 BUT 11 Ways by David Cheong! I'm off to battle the brain!


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