FAB 5 Friday!!

Here we are Halloween Weekend and the last weekend to celebrate October 2010. I know there will be lots of costumes,chocolate faces, maybe pumpkin carving if you already haven't(We chose to do it tonight because I was getting tired of the moldy dying pumpkins before Halloween even arrived.) So whatever it is you may be doing don't forget to take those pictures. Capture those memories of Halloween October 2010! Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!:)

1. Well it wouldn't feel like Halloween without Oingo Boingo! Well at least in my mind:) When I was 18 I attended an Oingo Boingo concert on Halloween and it was AWESOME! Costumes galore and it was the year Nightmare Before Christmas came out so it seemed to be the theme of the concert. So in the spirit of Halloween here is Dead Man's Party by Oingo Boingo:)

2. I have mentioned Creative Live before! If you have not checked them out you are definitely missing out. They offer FREE well creative classes/workshops for those creative minds. I have had the pleasure of taking a few classes and even though they are free they are worth a million bucks seriously. I wrote about the Jasmine Star(wedding photographer genius) workshop I took awhile back~AMAZING! Well they are offering another great photography weekend workshop coming up in November with Tamara Lackey an amazing very well known children's photographer. You don't want to miss out these are top notch classes and you can't pass up FREE! Also today starting in about 30 min they are having a Pumpkin Carving workshop hurry and check it out!

3. Speaking of workshops people I have been scouring the internet for the best of the best because I live in a small town and I cannot find any local ones. Do not be put off by the internet ones they can actually do more for you and reach a larger audience making the experience just as if not more amazing! Head over to Big Picture Classes they too are offering a November workshop you do not want to miss! Love it!

4. Some more freebies!! Head over to Simplicity Photography and show some love and download her free Christmas card template FOR FREE! It is beautiful, she is talented and Christmas is right around the corner..YIKES!!

5. Head over to You Capture part of I Should Be Folding Laundry blog written by Beth for her amazing Photo challenges/link ups to share your Halloween images this week. It's fun, you meet other like minded people who LOVE photography and you have a GREAT reason to put off the chores! Check it out!

So Cheers to another Fab 5 Friday, Cheers to another Halloween of 2010, Cheers to chocolate faces, trick or treats, goblins, ghosts...most importantly Cheers to picture taking! Preserve those memories~Capture those moments!


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