Halloween Weekend In Review!

Halloween weekend has come and gone in the blink of a missing pirates eye;) It was such a busy weekend with the kiddos, I am not even sure if I fed myself?!? I barely got to take Halloween pics after rushing home from my daughter Ali's band Competition at the University, their last and HUGE one! They kicked some major butt! Getting the only standing ovation of the night out of 24 bands! Yeah sure the ENORMOUS bands took 1-3rd place but that was a given. How could you compare bands who have money and are supported by the school and have expensive props. What made this awesome is our school's band is self funded, makes their own props and is all ran by the awesome band parents and of course their amazing directors. They ranked #4 overall right after all the top dogs! This is the first time in history the school has ever pulled #4 in a competition this big, that's huge! So after an amazing band day/night(they literally last all day 1pm-9pm) me and 3 teen girls ran home dressed Mikayla and began our Halloween night! In such a hurry we didn't get to wear our costumes..ughhh! I guess we shall save them for next year;/ We ended the night watching Mikayla get chocolate wasted and watching scary movies.

Sunday the actual day of Halloween started off slow. House cleaning only to get dirty again! I swear I can never keep a clean house. I give up and give in...heeeellllp! I finally got my Senior Ali to myself for the day and we got out on the most beautiful Sunday and took her Senior Portraits! I have lots of editing to do. She has no idea how beautiful she is...seriously! I love my girls!

So Goodbye October..goodbye Halloween! We had fun while it lasted! Cheers to the memories as we now Welcome November 2010!


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