Is Anybody Home?!?! anybody home?!?! Yes it has been about a week and a half of silence and me neglecting my blog, BIG TIME, but I have my reasons. Like cleaning house as if my life depended on it, in preparation for my sis. Which by the way has already gone downhill since the second day. There are no signs of my hard work, it's back to normal around here since my sister and nephews came, conquered Arkansas and left....sighhh. My girls and I are back to missing home more than ever. Back to hearing from my girls, "When are we going back home for a visit?" I am wondering if they will ever call our new home, "HOME!" I am guessing home is where you came from, where you were raised, where you know the streets like the back of your hand. All the short cuts and not so short cuts. Home is where the heart is and our hearts are still back home in Cali missing our enormous family.

So here I am back on track trying to stop the woe is me attitude. If you know me well, silence from me means I am in my why me state of mind. I have always had that saying stuck in my head "If you can't say anything nice or positive, than do not say anything at all!" Well in my silence I do a lot of thinking, forcing myself into positive land, reading, learning, self reflecting. Some days it works, others not so much. Thank goodness for my girls, though they can drive mama nuts at times, they always know how to make me smile and remind me what life is about. We work at it, we are not perfect nor pretend to be. We are beautifully broken and we love our family to pieces and than some.

Here are some pictures from our outing when my sister and nephews visited. We took a hike to the tree house in the sky at Craighead forest, I dyed my nephews hair black(his choice and mama let me) it actually turned out nice on him(note to brother in law~ THEY MADE ME DO IT!) oh and we stayed up talking for hours until we literally knocked out side by side, my sister, kids and all. I miss them like crazy, I am not gonna lie. I wanted to steal them and not let them go. But life calls them home to Cali and in return we promise to make a trip to see everyone this summer. All 5 sisters together again, with all 13 grandkids and of course our beautiful mother and stepfather all under one roof. I can't wait for that party....aghhhh...Our Home Sweet Home!



Ann said...

Love the pictures Mari wish your family could have stayed longer.....

MJ said...

Thanks Ann! It meant so much you stopped in and said hi. I wish they could have stayed longer too. It was a short but sweet visit. Next time we are hoping it will be just a tad bit longer at least more than 1

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