I Heart Faces~Fix It Friday!

So this is the first time I have done one of these but I could not resist the colors in this photo! I had to make them pop just for my own gratification! Call me selfish, but colors make me happy! I just had to play with this photo which is courtesy of Susan Keller over at I Heart Faces! Again I did not take this photograph. This is a Fix It Friday link in I am participating in over at I Heart Faces


My Fun Edit:

Step by Step in Lightroom:
1. Lightroom to brighten up the tone
2. Adj Exposure to +1.15, Fill Light to 23, Blacks to 10
3. Played with the color Luminance to make the color pop. I adjusted Blue to -45 and Green to -25
4. Hit the General Punch preset
5. Opened in Photoshop used 2 Kubota actions 1. Daily Multivitamin 2. Dollface to soften up a bit.

Awesome picture Susan! It screams color so you made it easy. LOVE IT!


Jessica said...

I love your edit! Lovely job!

MJ said...

Thanks Jessica! This is completely different from my normal editing, but I could not help just popping the color on this one. Fun stuff! I may become a Fix It Friday addict...eeek! Thanks for stopping by!:)

Bettina McIntosh said...

I like what you did - I also just love colour and making it pop!!!

MJ said...

Thanks Bettina! So glad you stopped by my fellow color popper...lol:)

Ashley Sisk said...

Your edit is so bright and happy.

MJ said...

Thanks Ashley! That's how the image made me feel by looking at it, Bright and Happy! I didn't want to take anything away from the image. I kept it simple and just popped the color. Sometimes less is more and I didn't want to deny the colors in this photo, I wanted to celebrate them. Yayy for color!:)

borne . image . photography said...

This definitely is a happy photo, and you made it even happier! Love the way you saturated those amazing colors! Great job! :)

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