Senior Portraits II(Ali Style)

So this is what happens when I say, "Ok, I am turning it over to you! Be you, no poses or perfection. Just be Ali!" Oh how these images scream, "ALI!!!" I LOVE THEM!

If you know Ali you know she is OBSESSED with her music, takes being called band geek as a compliment, plays the trumpet in band and has since 6th grade, is always on time when it comes to anything involving music(other than that~forget about it), and LOVES...I mean beyond LOVES the band MUSE(another obsession).

So here you go, Senior Portraits~ Ali Style AKA Rock*Star Style! You can see more on my Facebook page click here. Enjoy!

P.S...Those are the Toms that got her through Marching Band season and notice she added the rock*star belt peeking out from under her shirt..that's my Ali:)


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