Fab 5 Friday!

We meet again Friday! I am always happy to see you, especially on this first November weekend! It's a new month, new weekend, daylight savings time~ we get to fall back..YES! The weather finally matches the season..double YES! I love this time of year! Something about it just feels like home, to me anyway. I love cuddling in blankets with loved ones to keep warm, wearing those fuzzy warm soft as can be socks, sipping on something hot to warm the inside, the smell of smoke as it escapes the chimneys around. But most likely it feels like home because in a sense at this time of year is when we focus on home. We decorate to match the season and to welcome family from out of town we haven't seen in years. I get to see my sister and nephews I haven't seen in almost 2 years next Thursday! I am super excited! So yes...It Feels Like Home Outside, Inside, All Around...Home Sweet Home!

I will spend my weekend starting tonight going to a high school football game where I will watch their last game of the season, walk my daughter out onto the field for Senior night and watch her play her heart out on that field one last time....sighhh. I hate saying one last time, but she is a Senior, growing up. How can I not be emotional? My first born is growing up...double sighhhh.... Then off to cleaning, organizing, getting mi casa ready for mi familia in about a week. I will have to sneak out to take some pics sometime this weekend. Otherwise I break the cycle of weekend picture taking and we can't have that:/

So here we go Fab 5 Friday always kickin it off with some tunes to get started. Have a Magnificent weekend and don't forget your camera!

1. With focus on my girls always...this song has so much meaning to me. I bought this CD about 5 years ago from Tori Amos and fell in love with the whole CD. It's a must get! The title of the CD is "The Beekeeper" I am in love with every song and specifically the song "Ribbons Undone" about a little girl growing up. I cry every time I hear this song. Enjoy!

2. This next blog post by Joe Mcnally. Any photographer, professional and amateur alike can relate to mistakes. One should never stop learning! These days technology is moving faster than the blink of an eye making it crucial to stay on top of your game. I in my learning process have made one mistake after another and I am not ashamed to admit it. Why, well because making mistakes is all part of the learning process and pretty much EVERYONE makes mistakes so lets embrace our mistakes and learn from them. Here is the blog post simply titled "Mistakes"

3. Oh and this next blog post by Chase Jarvis is inspiring. I heart this man as much as I heart Jasmine*. They are amazing photographers and speakers. They have been blessed with gaining knowledge from their peers and are sharing what they have learned but are doing it there way. It's great to love a style but NEVER~ I REPEAT NEVER copy someones style! CREATE YOUR OWN or you will never stand out. SO here is an awesome video by Chase Jarvis called "Social Art" from his appearance at the Photo Plus Expo

4.For the Indie/Vintage lovers I found this site I AM IN LOVE with..seriously. It is an inspiration of all things Indie, Art, Photography..all things mama loves! Check it out!
"We Love Indie"

5. Last but not least to go with everything Indie above it wouldn't be complete without Indie Music. Here is an awesome site to check out New Indie Bands



Melissa (Confessions of a Dr. Mom) said...

Love that song by Tori Amos. I remember when you told me about it when Maile was just a baby. It made me cry then and does every time I hear it.

Miss you my dear. Love and kisses to all of you. Coming to Cali for the holidays? XO

MJ said...

Wow! That's right I did tell you about this song right about the time I bought it. Thats how in love I am with this CD still. Did you ever buy the CD? I think Beekeeper was def one of my favs by her:)

I am hoping and praying for a trip back home after the first of the year. Love to everyone!~XO

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