Changin It Up!

So I have decided it is time to change it up. This is what I do! I get bored of things and have to be out with the old in with the new. I will blame my mild case of ADD on my kids who consistently have taken me out of my focused stage to take on their V.I.S(you can make that "S" any word you want) over mine. The mom.. mom... MOM has shifted my focus and made me a crazed non focused lunatic at times so watch out! I am known to change topic in the blink of an eye. For this I will ask for forgiveness ahead of time.

I started this blog out as private and started posting tid bits here and there of my new life in the south. But I had to change the title, "So I Married a Redneck Now What" as to not offend anyone I love dearly and lets face it there is no point writing just for me. It's not fun if it's just for me.

So fellow blogger join me on this journey as we will live, laugh, love together. I can't promise I will always be right, I will never intentionally offend, and I will always welcome women and men of all ages to help make this journey in life all make sense. I am just along for the ride,but riding solo is no fun! So don't let me down! Stay awhile, join in and lets ride this beautiful journey together!


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