Fab Friday~Jasmine Star Day 3!

It's Fab Friday and I am super excited to sit in on a live wedding shoot with wedding photographer Extraordinaire Jasmine Star! But before I get into how great she is I want to just say Creative Live is doing great things over in Seattle and using the web to the fullest....it's a good thing! They are taking MEGA talent and sharing it with the world FREE! Come on are you kidding me FREE..YES FREE! At first glance I thought something free cannot be good there has to be a catch 22. Something's gotta give..right? Boy has Creative Live proved me wrong! They are taking their passion for creativity of all genres and are sharing it with the world and it is A~M~A~Z~I~N~G! Need I say more?!?! So for all you Creative Minds here you go~Check it out!

Now back to Mrs.Jasmine Star who I from this day forward will call "MY HERO" literally this girl needs a cape. She is Superwoman in disguise I just know it...better yet Wonder Woman...either way she is definitely a Super Hero! I had first hand of seeing her shoot Live yesterday and she blew me away! I do not think there are words to describe this woman. She is incredible to watch..this is a woman doing what she loves and you can tell just by watching her in action. I would also like to refer to her as my Puerto Rican Soul Sista! She has turned on so many light bulbs upstairs it's not even funny! I have cried and laughed simultaneously more in the past 2 days than I have all year. I could go on for hours how great she is and what a beauty inside and out but I am assuming by now my point has been driven:) Jasmine you definitely are Fun, Fresh & Fierce! Here is a link to her website~ http://www.jasmine-star.com/

So cheers to a Fab Friday everyone! I await day 3 with much anticipation..this is good stuff people...better than good...IT'S GREEEEAAAAT!


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