Finding Your Sweet Spot~

"Sweet Spot" I have heard this term a lot lately reading Max Lucado's Cure For the Common Life~Living in Your Sweet Spot, from photographers who are teaching, even golfers use this term..."Sweet Spot" It can mean so many different things to so many people. So what does it mean to me?

I am 30 something and having sort of a mid life crisis early, why? Well part because I grew up faster than most, started a family way to early, felt heart ache the kind that brings you to your knees. I have experienced great highs and great lows. But I guess that's livin life to the fullest just in another aspect. But mainly my crisis came from being in my mid-30's and having to ask myself, "What do you want to be, do, do YOU want to live your life?" I am making decisions, pondering some of the same questions my 17 year old is at this very moment as she follows her calling in life. Then I ask myself, "Is it ever too late to start over.. begin again" My answer to myself, "NO!" It can't ever be too late or I'm screwed. Maybe I never really began, maybe this is just now my beginning and it has taken me this long to figure it all out. I could blame a lot of reasons why I am where I am but when it comes down to it, Everything happens for a reason in my book. I have learned more valuable lessons from life than any book or school could teach. I have learned to appreciate the good with the bad for it has kept me grounded, built character I would not have other wise. I can't say I am resilient after all I am human, but I can say I will always look for the good in the bad.In that determination to find the good in my current bad I think I FINALLY found it...MY SWEET SPOT!

My Sweet Spot~The very thing that wakes me from my sleep because I am craving to learn more. That very thing that I go to bed thinking about and wake up yearning to learn more about because I want it so bad I can taste it. My sweet calling...FINALLY! What is it you ask? Well if you read some previous posts and knew me it's probably obvious that it HAS to be Photography. I am in love 100% no doubt. It's what gets my blood pumping, excites me to the core, it's what drives me. Am I any good? Well anyone can criticize and think I am nuts, isn't this a hobby not a career? I know I will have my harsh critics and yes that scares me because I am a very private person who guards her soul from the most evil of people:) But I am trying to fix that insecure little girl inside and open myself up to critique. To not be afraid, to be who I AM, who I NEED to be in life so at the end of the day I feel accomplished and fulfilled instead of accomplished and unhappy. So I'm doing it! I am going to eat, breathe, sing, dance whole heartedly dive into what makes me...ME!

In taking a photography course by Jasmine Star wedding photographer extraordinaire, an inspiration of beauty inside and out. Who may I also add chose photography over a full ride into Law School at UCLA because she just wasn't happy. It just wasn't her! I totally get it! Some would say she is nuts how could she give up a full ride? But at the end of the day she knew it wasn't her cup of tea and not where she pictured herself..I GET IT! I am honored to hear her speak and learn from her. She has said many inspiring things that have flipped that switch in my brain to say..I GET IT! One of the many things she said that sticks with me and it also made me cry because her husband got it, gets it too. She quoted him saying this to her upon making the hard choice to leave law school for good, "I would rather see you fail at something you love, than succeed at something you hate." I cried hearing this, now that is a great man, husband, friend, all of the above. They both get it! Get it...GOOD!

So in my journey thus far I have learned it is never too late to begin again, I must give myself more credit(someone has to), I must take the good with the bad equally to grow, life never goes the way I planned therefore it's always best to have a plan B and to simply be ME! So do tell~ what is your Sweet Spot?


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