The Jasmine Star* Experience~

The adjectives to describe Mrs. Jasmine Star wedding photographer extraordinaire have surely not been created because she is beyond Awesome, Inspiring, Talented, Driven, Funny, Humble, Sincere, Loyal...OMG..I could go on all day but these words still cut her short of what a Wonder Woman she truly is! This is one gal that I can see sporting a red cape as she works her magic!

Creative Live and Jasmine Star equally struck this project out of the ball park! I mentioned both before and gave links in previous post, but I love both so much I had to write a second follow up post after completing the full 5 day course. I am so glad I made this a priority! For those of you who are curious you are able to purchase the whole wedding photography course over at Creative Live
for $149 and let me tell you it is worth every single penny if not me on this!

What Jasmine Star* did for me? may think I am a bit over the top but her course was THAT great! It literally lit a fire under my bum and scarred me for a good way! See I was already taking courses and learning online here and there, so I knew I WANTED to pursue photography in a bad way, but after hearing Jasmine speak, now I know it's a NEED and I should not feel guilty for NOT taking the traditional expected route I was headed. Life has a funny way of working things out! She is the voice I wasn't hearing inside my own head saying, "YOU CAN DO THIS" I doubted myself and I never give myself enough credit and lets face it no one takes me seriously for some that's not so funny? Or maybe I wanted, craved, looked for that push from family and friends and it never came so I thought to myself, "Am I the only one who thinks I can do this?" As time passes they will realize this is not a passing moment but a Moment in time.."THE" Moment in time when I fell into my Sweet Spot. One day they will take me serious, but for now the only person I have to prove anything to is Myself. I Got This!

How do I know I Got This?!?! There is only 1 other moment in time that my spirit was awakened that my eyes and heart opened equally. Only "ONE" other time I felt this new! Where no other human being was the reason for my happiness and that first reason was the day I was Saved, when I dedicated my life to the Lord. I definitely experienced a sense of newness, being, who I was meant to be was clear. I knew "FINALLY" why they used the term, "BORN AGAIN" that is literally how I felt! It is a feeling I could never duplicate. I was about 18 when I experienced God's calling. Sure I have fallen off path, missed church service time and time again...I am human not perfect and I just can't pull off pretending to be. God knows my heart and that's all that matters at the end of the day. But THAT DAY~ Oh how "THAT DAY" changed me forever! That day reminds me of how I will live my life in gratitude, love, inspiration, giving, so much more under the hands of God. I walk with him in mind always. So after hearing Jasmine speak she sealed the deal! Ok nothing can compare to the day I was Saved~ let me be honest~ but it came pretty darn close! What I had already knew in my heart I had always wanted to do was delivered in a message I felt delivered to me over 5 days and it came from a fellow believer in Christ. This is how I know I am where I am supposed to be. Some will call me crazy and some will say, "I GET IT" I say, "I wish you could have been there~ both times~ because then you would understand this girl is serious!"

It's Time to Live In My Sweet Spot...All Aboard!
Warmest Regards!

P.S...If she or anyone who took the course reads this~ you will get the A+ pic:)


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