Inspire~Inspired~Inspiring~this word in it's many forms has crossed my mind so much lately it is literally driving me crazy, in a good crazy kind of way. Inspiration when sought really isn't that hard to find. So this past week I made it a point to direct myself back to the things which Inspire me so I in turn can be the Inspirer. Inspiration is literally at our fingertips. The Internet is loaded with millions upon billions of inspiring content so I ask myself this, "Why do I see so many uninspired people walking, talking, breathing as if there is no hope left to grasp when it is literally a key away and literally right before our eyes in our very own homes?"

Inspiration~ #1."Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity" #2~"Divine guidance or influence exerted directly on the mind and soul of humankind." There were a few descriptions but these 2 best suit what Inspiration means to me. To Stimulate the mind but most importantly emotions. Influencing the soul,the spirit~ to take action to create, to change, to grow. I honestly believe it happens in the order of connecting first emotionally & spiritually since I believe we as beings thrive off emotion and are inspired off feeling. Life experience creates a multitude of emotions leading to Inspiration. So if this is the case why are so many people left uninspired? My answer has to be they gave in, gave up are choosing not to take the good from the bad. In fact they only celebrate during the good times and go into hiding, crawling into a dark place during the bad moments, asking, "Why me?" How do I know this. cause I chose to put myself in that corner time and time again throwing myself a pity party, "WHY ME?!?"

So "Why Me?!?" why you, why anyone for that matter? Why must we go through the bad? I know, knew, I understand why, but I need to be reminded time and time again because let's face it~ I am human! It's easy to throw myself in that corner and merely wait for the good to shine instead of fight the powers that be. I know what I need, MUST do, so why do I choose at times to do the complete opposite? Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I need to be reminded!

I was up late last night just couldn't sleep and came across a speaker not by chance but by through Divine fate! The name "Bianca Juarez". Whom I could describe here in my blog how amazing she is but this is something you have to see for yourself. Here is a link to her blog:)
In The Name Of Love~Bianca Juarez

She is a Bible Teacher who is being used by God to use herself as a vessel to Love, Teach, to remind us where to turn in times when we forget WHO OUR PRIME BEING of Inspiration is and where it all began. I will tell you in a second how I stumbled upon her message at 3:30am it was not an accident! I don't like the word "ACCIDENT" it always seems to be a negative ending when you hear the word accident. Save that word for what it was intended for, like car accidents, Ooops..I accidentally spilled the milk, etc.~ you get the point. Bianca Juarez's message was not an accident but more like a Divine Purpose, meant to be! She said many things that Inspired me, that made me think, feel, led me to want to change, create, and be the inspirer myself. She said, "When God wants to use you, he's going to break you!" I literally broke down hearing this. It all makes sense! I was looking at my current situation as a negative experience instead of for what it was and is. I should actually feel blessed in my current state. Knowing God loves me enough to teach me, to YES break me, so I can learn to appreciate the good times, & pray through the bad. Knowing the end result I will be a stronger, more humbled human being. He is teaching me to be grateful through the good,the bad, & of course all the ugly stuff life will throw my way. In being broken there is beauty, there is grace, there is a new you waiting to be born! I fully believe everything happens for a reason when GOD IS IN CONTROL! I quote Bianca in saying, "I would rather follow someone who is broken, rather than someone who pretends they have it all together."

Have you ever tried to re-tell a funny story or joke and it just didn't have the same effect as the first time you heard it? So the receiver sits there silent with an odd look and that look says it all, "I DON'T GET IT!" and then what is our response? Something along the lines, "Oh man, you had to be there!" or "I can't remember word for word but it was funny, YOU HAD TO BE THERE!" Sometimes you just have to be there and experience first hand to get the same experience. Lets face it some people were born to deliver, and delivering God's word is what Bianca was born to do. Here are the videos that spoke to me at 3am this morning~it's a 2 parter and worth every minute as you listen to her story broken and all. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and be changed!

APU Chapel (Bianca Juarez) from Bianca Juarez on Vimeo.

APU Chapel (Bianca Juarez) pt. 2 from Bianca Juarez on Vimeo.

So tell me what Inspire's you lately? Or maybe it's a "WHO" has Inspired you? Lately my sources of Inspiration have come from 1 book I have been reading again and again, "Cure For the Common Life~by Max Lucado", my laptop~ there is an endless amount of inspiration to be found in cyber world, Bianca Juarez is living proof, and of course my music. You will see my 3 sources in the post picture above I took! But when it comes down to it, those 3 things were made by people, those people were made by God, God gave those sources a talent they are now sharing with the world. So in the end it all begins and ends with God. Inspiration begins with God! So true!

Oh and before I forget to answer the question, "How did I come across Bianca Juarez?" It started out with my new found love for photography, which led me to Creative Live(see previous posts), which led me to Jasmine Star(see previous posts), which led me to Bianca Juarez, which then led me to write this post. See so there was a plan, God's Plan, a Divine Purpose! I didn't know it at the time but each Inspiration led to another. My job was to be still and listen, to let my Spirit be the guide and in the end God had this message waiting just for me. How lucky I am to be loved by such an AWESOME GOD!
Amen!~XO MJ


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