Fab Friday~Dedicated to Ali My First Born!

It's that time again! Seriously where does the time go? My favorite things of the week! Having to limit it down to 5 is getting harder and harder. Cheers to another FAB Friday~TGIF!

1. My oldest daughter Ali. All my girls inspire with in their own unique ways but lately my 17 year old Senior who is college bound very soon(eeek) has inspired me. Well lets just say she always has. When she was in grade school I could remember putting her to bed one night her sobbing thinking I did something so bad to make my baby cry. When asking what was wrong her reply, "There is this girl at school that the kids make fun of everyday and they make her cry." my heart dropped. She was crying someone else's tears. She was crying for this little girl she barely knew. It was then I knew my first born child would grow up to be a sensitive, loving, selfless human being and that she is. I remember telling her to befriend the little girl, we all need to feel liked, yet more importantly loved. Her response, "Mom I do, we play on the swings and monkey bars." she was one step ahead of me...sighhh...I wonder if she remembers this night, because mommy will never forget!

She took on band at an early age, 6th grade to be exact. She too had the experience of being teased herself at the bus stop especially for lugging her trumpet to and from school faithfully everyday. I never asked what drove her to play trumpet. Wait maybe I did ask once, "Trumpet are you sure?" I have to admit I questioned her choice of instrument. But she was sure and so we made it happen and she has been in band ever since. I and everyone who knows her would say, "Music is Ali's Life" it is, it truly is what drives her. I am inspired by her for sticking with her goals and never giving up in spite of those mean girls that tormented her in Junior high, who would wait for her to get to the bus stop just so they could try and break her. I am inspired she never let them break her. I am inspired she would take a book with her to the bus stop and act as if she was reading and what they said NEVER affected her emotions(even though mommy knew it did). She kept on being Ali, doing what she loves to do. Sure there was a time I as a parent had enough! Like when my Ali came home crying because they took her book and threw it out of frustration because she was not giving into their tormenting. They hated being ignored these insecure mean girls. I literally had my keys in hand and told her, "Lets go show me where they live!" what was my daughters response, "Mom NO it will only make it worse!" I promised her it wouldn't but she begged me not to. I had to stop, calm myself down and say "Self it is not a good idea to confront any parent in the state of mind you are in, calm..calm." Yes I had to calm myself down and think rationally. I remember telling her, "Fine, but if it happens again and if they ever touch you I am going to their house you hear me!" She nodded her head, "OK Mom!" Now don't get me wrong it took all of me to not go there that day. But my daughter was right, it would not solve anything and most likely if a child acts this way it is not a good sign of what their parent's will be like, after all our kids are a reflection of their upbringing.

I am so proud my daughter stood her ground, I am proud she is so strong and Inspired by her drive to do things her way not the cool way...though I think she's pretty darn cool. She continued to read at the bus stop, and might I say she is quite the avid reader and puts mommy to shame. She continued playing that trumpet and is now in one of the best bands in the state, she will correct me in saying THEY ARE the best band in the state. Actually they are they received many awards, top honors and I am so proud to watch her dedicate herself consistently doing what she loves no matter how uncool those kids thought she was. Ali inspires me continuously. She just decided out of the blue to start a band and learn the Bass. She locked herself in her room all weekend teaching herself. Of course I questioned her asking,"What's going on?!?" her response, "I am learning the Bass!" she yet again dedicated herself and didn't come out until she accomplished what her heart desired. My Ali is full of life, love, sensitivity, and of course music:) I am so inspired and blessed to call her my daughter.

Forget the other 5 things they do not even compare to the Inspiration and joy she brings to my life. To Ali my first born~YOU INSPIRE ME ~I Love You!


Melissa (Confessions of a Dr. Mom) said...

Oh Mari! What a truly sweet and beautiful post celebrating Ali! She is a beautiful young lady. We love and miss you Ali! I'm so proud of her too...she is so smart and talented. Tell her we love her and to keep reaching for her dreams...we are sure she will. XOXO

MJ said...

Thanks sis! What's funny is this blog did not intentionally start out that way she was just #1 on my list. Than once I started writing all the reasons why I love her came flowing out. It's a love letter to my daughter who is coming of age & will be starting a new chapter in life. So I am very emotional when I talk about her right now. I can't believe my first born is becoming an adult....sighhh...why can't they stay little forever....double sighhhhh~XO

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