To Do or Not To Do List...

To do or not to do that is the question? I have been following Chalene Johnson another super woman and inspiration to get my groove on. Everyday she is asking, "Have you written your~TO DO~ list?" My response everyday is a simple, "No." I have never been the type to write out a list and follow it word for word, task for task. Writing my own chore list/demand letter does not go well with my stubborn personality. So in a sense I am rebelling against the "TO DO" list idea. But I am a fan of goal lists which I find much less tedious and much more inspiring.

I read recently somewhere(forgive me for forgetting the source) to make short term goal lists for 6 month time frames. When that 6 months is up re-visit those goals to access the progress and re-write a goal list for the next 6 months. Repeat this process consistently and see what happens. Join me as I make my goal list~ no matter how big or small, a goal is a goal!

Have you ever been on a job interview and the employer asks, "So where do you see yourself in 5 years?" I hate this question #1~I am always caught off guard, #2~How do I tell them not here and not working for you and if I am working here I'm taking your! Not really but it is such an unfair question to ask, especially in today's economy when the main goal is to just put food on the table. Ask me at a time when I was given options to pick a job of my liking and not forced into the first job that gave me the time of day. So no one likes to be caught empty handed in the goal department. Make it a priority to always set yourself some goals because it means you are constantly self evolving, pushing yourself, learning and living life to the fullest. Not to mention in the end when the goals have been conquered it is a proud moment for you and for your kids to see what you have accomplished and trust me they are watching. Quick example~I made it a goal to lose my pregnancy weight gain over a 6 month time frame. My girls would come home and comment, "Mom you are doing great!", "Mom, did you work out today?", "Mom I am so proud of you!" girls know how to make my day. They watch me accomplish goals and see the reward and see it can be done through hard work and consistency you are teaching your children to create goals of their own no matter how big or small it's a good thing! Now on to my goals(can I say I am nervous to post these) I've got some major reconstructing to do in my life. It's hard to believe 3 years ago my hubby and I were both living in California making good money~life was good! In that short 3 years things have changed dramatically. But the beauty of it is this~ I was due for a change anyway! I just needed that push that forces me to~YES~ think outside the box(I hate this term for reasons too long to tell) to begin again, to re-invent ourselves. So cheers to the next 3 years ahead of us! I plan on taking the next 3 years and making up for the past 3 bad~it's time to begin again! All aboard!

My goals(remember you read it here first) for the next 6 months #1 To get my darn DSLR camera already~ it drives me nuts I must wait. #2 To become a better photographer which I shall do by practice! practice! practice!~ Chase Jarvis a well known photographer wrote in response to inquiries on how to make it as a photographer, which can be applied to anyone and everyone not just photographers~"Dedicate at least 10,000 hours to whatever it is you’re looking to master." Basically he is telling you it takes time, it doesn't happen over night #3 Become an expert on lighting~Lighting means the world to a photographer! #4 Begin building a portfolio I am proud of~I would like to have at least 3 photo shoots within the next 6 months with live subjects. #5 Work on building a better blog #6 Get a Flickr account it almost seems like a must if you are in the photography world.

So there you have it! I think 6 is a good number to end with. That gives a goal per month and I still have a personal self goal list to conquer alongside, which I will keep to myself. These are goals to make myself a better person, to remind myself to always be self aware of every action and word that comes out of my mouth.

So it's your turn! Make it a priority to make that list! Post it on the fridge for the kids and everyone to see. It will hold you accountable and if they are anything like my girls, if they do not see you striving to complete those goals there will be questions asked. "Mom when was the last time you worked out?"~you get the picture. So Cheers to goal making! It's time to ~Be Inspired, Create, Be the Inspirer!


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