Day 3~ Oy Vey!

Practice makes perfect! That's what they say but it's also what I believe. It has been 3 days since I started shooting with my new camera. I have been studying, learning techniques, wishing I had a brain of steel~ but I don't. Instead I have a slight case of ADD:/

I am literally a visionary. Show me how it works when it comes to speaking in technical terms otherwise I end up in lala land staring at my camera wishing she would speak to me already...pretty please! So don't expect anything artistic just yet,right now I am focusing on the technique. Once I get that down...WATCH OUT!

But none the less I am in love! So through my love for life and my new camera I plan on using the two to create one BIG BEAUTIFUL MESS! to forget to mention my Beautiful Muse, my sweet baby girl who will think it's weird if I wake up one day and forget to take her picture. We have since the day she was born taken a picture a day and created a slide show. It's not quite complete as my hubby and I argue over song choice(it's what we do best-argue) but once it is I promise to share her first 365 days of life.

Here is day 3 pic...Mikayla my Muse!

P.S...I am also having to learn Photoshop! So if I have the same image in different edits often. It's because I couldn't decide which one I liked more, so I just added both! Also I think next week I will give simple tutorials as I learn. Tips and tricks I have picked up along the way which helped me even in my point and shoot phase. I will call it Tutorial Tuesday! So look out for those posts! Hoping I can give back just a little what has been shared by awesome,selfless gracious photographers trying to help out the newbies like me. When all is said and done I will have a long list of talented people to thank. Until than keep shooting what you love! Own it! Make it Your Own!


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