Fab Friday!

It's Fab Friday! Thinking I will keep Friday's blog posts light and just give a recap of the week of my favorite things that kept me inspired and kept my creative juices flowing. So here I go lets recap! Enjoy your extended weekend y'all make it F~A~B~U~L~O~U~S!

So here are my top Five Favorite things that got me through me week and kept me company~

1. Bianca Juarez and her "In the Name of Love" blog~ see previous posts of her inspiring message that touched my spirit at 3am(yes I said 3am) and then check out her equally inspiring blog~
In The Name Of Love~Bianca Juarez

2. Cure For the Common Life by Max Lucado~ I am reading this book for the second time! It is that awesome! It has a great study guide in the back that leads you to answer questions about your life and is definitely an eye opener.
Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado

3. Pandora which is an awesome music site free of charge where you create your own radio stations and you in turn get to listen to endless hours of music. This will probably make my fab 5 list every week because I can't live without my music:) It's a must when I have my thinking cap on.

4. Incubus~ Was able to retrieve my many cd's from storage after fearing for their life they may have melted over the summer in the relentless heat. Glad to say they are safely home in mama's care and first CD I grabbed was Incubus~Make Yourself! This CD never gets old~ I Love every song and have been singing to it all week 24/7~ who knows this may make it onto next weeks Fab 5 too..lol
Make Yourself~Incubus

5. My Canon Point and Shoot Camera of course:) Another Fab 5 permanent staple most likely. Though I am really close to getting that new DSLR ~I can taste it:P Hopefully by next week I will be able to break open the piggy bank and make it mine! I think I have settled for the Canon but nothing is set in stone until the day I bring it home...I CAN"T WAIT!! Taking pictures is my point of view how I see the world.

So there you have it! I hope you too can find some of the things I posted as inspiring or uplifting. Or maybe you would just like to share what or who inspired you this week. Let us know your Fab 5 for the week!! TGIF!


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