FAB 5 Friday!!

It's Friday Where's the Party At?!?! Not really we all know this mama's not partying much at all lately. But I am learning great things, being inspired left and right. There is so much to LOVE this week! Keeping it down to 5 is getting harder as the weeks pass. But here my friends are some Beautiful FABULOUS People, Places and EVERYTHING that really Rocked My World this week.

1. Mumford and Sons~ Oh My! What can I say about this band except one word~SPECTACULAR! This doesn't happen much in my world that a band can grab me from the very first few strings of a song. I only had to hear a few songs before I ran out and grabbed this new CD from this UK band. If you dig Dave Matthews Band than you WILL LOVE these guys! I can't say enough! Here is a track I am in love with~"White Blank Page"! I can't forget to mention the camera work on their videos~I love their style as well! They are all that! ENJOY!

2. Chase Jarvis does it again in this short video he made with the new Nikon D7000! He is one talented man always creating, teaching and inspiring the world around him. If you do not know who this man is, you are missing out! Check out the whole making of the video on his blog Chase Jarvis.

3.FAB Blog of the week goes to June Cleaver Nirvana~ written by Holly! A Smart, Witty fellow SAHM who had me at, "Hello! I'm giving away an Epiphane Bag!" #4 on my list~see below:) I can't wait to read more on Mrs. Holly's adventures! I am sure you will ENJOY too! Head on over to enter for a chance to win one of the FABULOUS Epiphanie Bags #4 on my list!

4.FAB Find of the week! Epiphanie Camera Bags So I was searching and searching AND SEARCHING some more for a place to rest my new Canon's body, lens, etc. I must research before I buy because I hate just buying on a whim. I want to see reviews, is it the best, will it work for me. Let's just say I gave in and Googled "Coolest Camera Bags" yeah I said cool cause after looking at all the manly bags I decided I wanted stylish. But to my delight I found Epiphanie and maker Maile hit all points when making these bags. Functionality, Style, VERY Well Made bag! These GORGEOUS~FABULOUS~FIERCE bags are calling my name! The hardest part will be picking which one!

5.FAB Group of the week! Shutter Sisters~ I love everything about this group of ladies! They have created so much inspiring imagery and encourage women from all over to dive in and show what inspires them through their camera lens. They also have some AWESOME Groups on Shutter Sisters on Flikr and Shutter Sisters One Word Project I have been Inspired by these ladies and I can't wait to start adding pictures of my own. I will admit I am intimidated. Head on over and check these ladies out they are doing great things!

So there you have it Folks! My FAB 5 list of the week! I hope you were able to find some great things here you also will fall in love with! What are some of your favorite things of the week?!?! Please share! I love finding new things and sharing them with the world! TGIF! Make it a FABULOUS day!


Texasholly said...

You are super sweet to include me! And I definitely second the Epiphanie nomination. You will LOVE it.

Thanks spool much.

Theta Mom said...

I love Texas Holly! She has an awesome blog -

And welcome to TMC! I can finally comment on your blog!! The other blog you were using I couldn't comment...glad I can now. :)

MJ said...

Oh No! Sorry about the comment thing! I had no idea. I was wondering why I was getting no love...lol! I am still learning the ropes in the Blog world so thanks for taking the time to read. It really does mean the world to me. After a few tweaks and turns I hope to finally get it all right. Have a FABULOUS Weekend Ladies!~XO

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