Testing...Testing...Bedhead Alert!

The doorbell rang! I jumped out of the shower because I was expecting "HER"..yeah so shoot me I am referring to my new DSLR camera as a person. Actually I AM treating her like one! Like a newborn I am in awe,in love! I want to know all there is to know about this baby..if only it could talk and walk me through step by step how to take the perfect images! Like a newborn though it will take time to understand, to get the hang of her newness, to feel comfortable and at ease carrying her and not feel like I am going to drop her. I am afraid to handle her because lets face it I am now an amateur holding a Semi-Pro camera and I can feel it's power. This camera definitely owns me right now. But like a wild horse I will tame her and she will eventually be under my control and demand. I am in Heaven!

Here are some first shots I took after immediately charging the battery upon ripping open the box. Mikayla waking from her nap with G~L~O~R~I~O~U~S Bedhead...I love bedhead on babies, on me~not so cute:)

Now my hubby is going to either love me or hate me for this because I get these visions in my head that I feel "NEED" to be done. I won't say yet just what they are. I will in time show you, but that all depends if hubby will agree to my artistic endeavors cause let's face it people. It takes money to make money. I learned this with my last business endeavor. Except this time I learned from the errors and now know the do's and don't's a tad bit more than say 3 yrs ago.

So I am off! Learn..learn...learn it's the only way to get it right!



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