FAB 5 Friday!!

Yippppeee! It's Friday! We all love Fridays..right?!?!?! If you do not~ please give me 1 good reason why and specify what planet you are from...lol! Friday marks the beginning of the weekend with the family or not, time to create memories or not, time to argue fuss and fight if you have 2 or more teenagers under 1 roof. Well at least that's the way it goes in our house! But I wouldn't change it for anything, they definitely know how to give mama a run for her money! So cheers to another Friday and a wonderful first weekend of Fall! TGIF!!

We shall set the mood with some music first since it is how I get through my daily routines! This song was in my head all week! I don't even know why, it just was! I LOVE IT!

1. Song is Lasso by Phoenix~ I just LOVE this song! I'm always looking for new bands so feel free to share pretty please!

2. I'm not even sure who added who first when it comes to the next on my list?!?! All I know is this blog by Spuds gives a new refreshing spin on the SAHM generation! Not to mention his most recent post which had me in tears last night at midnight "It's Going To Be Okay..Won't It?".This blog is a must follow! Check it out here A Blirred Reality Blog This man is full of Heart and I Love reading his posts!

3. I came across this post after Googling....uhhhhh...ya know I don't even remember, but it must of had something to do with Time Management because that is what this blog post by Jack Cheng is about. I just think he did an excellent job at driving the point home and it makes PERFECT sense!
Check Blog Post here "30 Minutes a Day"by Jack Cheng

4. Here is an AWESOME site for you photographer newbies like myself that you can join and is well worth the money and very affordable Love That Shot they have done an amazing job here bringing together a forum where you can learn, share, and grow together with other photographers in your photography journey. Check it out!

5. Another WONDERFUL website you NEED to check out is I Heart Faces this site is full of information for newbies and professional photographers alike. It wouldn't be what it was if it weren't for the variety of skill levels of wonderful photographers who have joined hands in efforts of helping and learning from one another.This site offers weekly photo challenges, photography tutorials, and Fix-It-Fridays! This is another must check out site. Love...love...LoVe IT!

So there you have it! My Fab 5 of the week! I hope you are able to find something here you enjoy! Maybe you have something to share that you would like me to check out...PLEASE SHARE! I love finding new things and sharing them with the world! Cheers to another Beautiful Weekend! What is everyone doing to kick off the first Fall weekend right? I will be picture taking and waiting the arrival of my new Baby Nephew Kyler! He should be here any day! We can't wait!


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