Whateva Wednesday!

It's Whateva(yes I meant to spell it that way) Wednesday! I'm just gonna ramble on about whateva comes to mind! It may or may not be about Photography. I am going to use Wednesday howeva I wish from now on whether it be pouring out my heart or just sharing a simple story or pic. So please stick with me here! Ready, set, GO!

So this weekend I had the honor of doing a mini shoot with my sassy niece, her loving brother and my baby girl! See mini photo shoot slide show HERE! But I realized when going through my countless folders of pics yesterday my oldest girls are missing in LOTS of pics resulting in almost zero pictures of them! YIKES! This must be fixed ASAP! But let me just add, it has nothing to do with me. I try and try to take pics but they always know how to ditch me at just the right moment! I guess this is my fault because I love to be behind the camera but I DESPISE being in front of it. My girls always use this against me when I tell them, NO BEG THEM to just stand still!

So I have many candid shots. But in going through this past weekends shots I was able to capture a few of my middle child~the hardest one to capture these days. She is always pointing out her flaws even when I tell her she is a beauty. She was my helper this weekend at the mini photo shoot. It gave her something to do and pulled her away from the social media masses for a few. Plus when I called her "MY HELPER" she was like "heck yeah!", she had a role to play and she was loving it! I'm gonna use them more often:) So here is my favorite! She demanded me not to post and share! She warned me last night if I tagged her in any pics on FB she would just delete them. Well here was the compromise. I calmly stated through all her demands I would only post it on my blog. Her response, "Well, uhhhh...that's fine just don't post it on FB!" I love how my kids think they can tell me what to do:) Sometimes I will respect their wishes when they give me good enough reason. So I will kindly oblige, though I still may post to FB and just not tag her! She forgot to cover that part. I need to teach them to be more thorough in their demands. Kids..when will they learn!

Here she is the helper of the weekend! The munchkin rounder upper! The slurpee suckin, rollin my eyes, social media Diva...Drum roll please....TAAAADAAAAA! Cassie!

Ok I posted 3! Someone shoot me for loving my child!...lol. I broke the rules, I know~ but I am keeping my fingers crossed she never reads this and this post will go unknown in her oblivious state of mind!


Me, Myself and I said...

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MJ said...

Thanks Ashlie! Super excited! Headed over now to my inbox to shoot you an email!~XO

Spuds said...

Hey MJ... I was getting some guff about not having more pictures on my blog so I searched through a few of my readers' photo blogs and then remebered YOURS! So rather than post any of my "photo attempts" I'm just posting a link to your blog over the weekend. Great Job!

MJ said...

Spuds!!!! You made my day, my night, my entire weekend! I want to give you GINORMOUS(I know this isn't a word) virtual (((HUGS)))! I am honored~"I AM NOT WORTHY!" type of deal...lol! I find it ironic because for my FAB 5 Friday I was going to post you as a TOP 5 how funny is that(cross my heart I'm not making this up)! I love your blog! It's so refreshing to get a man's point of view! FINALLY! Thanks for taking the time to stop by:) I say this all the time but I mean it with all sincerity~"It really does mean the world to me!" Thanks a Mill!~

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