Labor Day Weekend Recap~

Woke up to the bluest of blue skies, birds were singing, bees were buzzing, the wind was blowing not to hard, not to light, just right~YES! It was going to be one of those days~ NO Weekends! The heavens above called us, in fact demanded we come out and play. My dear hubby wanted to clean out storage, but days like these are rare and I say storage can wait and that it did~ sorta:/

So mama got her way and to the park we went! Minus 3 teens who just refuse to do anything with us these days because it's so not cool. Wow! When did I become uncool? The life of parenting..sighhh. In my defense I am cooler than cool~ I am the

The pictures I will be posting are Mikayla's first ride on a swing and really her first trip to the park since she started walking. It was too hot and humid a summer to get out to the park. We spent our summer near any body of water that was cooler than 80 degrees. So you will see she loved it! We wore her out so much you will see she couldn't even make it home without falling asleep. be a baby again. At least I am cool in her eyes still~YES!

P.S...I am still shooting with my Canon point and shoot. I am hoping to have that new DSLR soon! Keeping my fingers crossed it is sooner than later:) In case you hadn't noticed I am a HUGE FAN of Black and White photography I add in the color for my hubby so we are both happy in the end. I know B&W doesn't work for everything but when it can be applied I am using!


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