Weekend In Review!

So Mondays I think I am going to start posting all the pics I took over the weekend as a "Weekend in Review" post. Instead of saying it with words I will show you with pictures what my weekend sorta went like. Well at least tid bits anyway!

I got lots of pics this weekend so this may be a two parter~maybe even a 3 parter! I think I will start with Mikayla's funny face pics! She makes the silliest faces at us and we are still trying to figure out what they all mean!

We welcomed Fall's first weekend by taking the girls to Craighead Forest than taking in the Nature Center. Sunday we just went for a peaceful drive into Sheryl Crows home town Kennett, MO. We know a lil secret...shhhhhh! She will be performing live on Nov.26th in her hometown of Kennett,MO at the Opera House for a Benefit concert. Tickets can be bought HERE if you are in the area! I honestly had no clue she was from around here until today. Go figure!

Oh and I am literally on call as of...NOW! To take pictures of my new nephew being born in the delivery room! I am so nervous. I have been studying my camera all night in hopes to get the right setting in low light without having to use flash to disturb the baby and of course mom and dad. I am so nervous and excited all at the same time.Wish me luck because I really would love to produce some nice pictures for her considering this is their last baby!...eeek!

So here they are friends! Mikayla's~"What was she thinking looks!"

P.S~Stay Tuned! Lots More to Come!!


becca said...

Hey there, Saw your blog on momblog network. I love the idea of weekend in review via photos! Hope you dont mind if I borrow that :) Great pics too btw!

MJ said...

Thanks Becca! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment! Can't wait to see your weekend in review! I Love pics! Have a great week!~XO

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