Last Days of Summer...

It was another beautiful summer day and also the last weekend of Summer! My camera was begging me to take her on a test run and I was begging her to be good to me and throw me a few great images! I was prepared to photograph my lovely niece, nephew and my very own baby girl. I wanted to catch the last days of summer! I called up my sister in law and asked if I could borrow her beautiful babies for a bit and she was game! YES! I was pumped!

After we got warmed up and I told the kids to just well "Be themselves" the pictures seemed effortless! Tip #1 Don't try to pose kids just let them be! It comes natural trust me! The pics you will see in the slide show were not posed. Only thing I did was "Oooohhh and Ahhhh" behind the lens and say things like, "Give big Brother Kiss!" it was as simple and as easy as that. I literally chased them around the yard and landed where they did, shooting pics every step of the way! Tip #2 Make it fun~Talk to them as you walk around! Ask them silly questions! Ask them to show you their silliest face! All kids love to do that! That's why I love kids! They definitely know how to keep it sweet and full of sugar.

So here it is! I Hope you enjoy just as much as I enjoyed taking them!


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