I Cannot Conform!

There are tons of great things in the South but somehow its easier to point out the bad. Like I said I am a stubborn girl and there are things I will NEVER try, say, do, or be and here they are in no particular order:

I will never try Frog legs! Let me repeat that..I WILL NEVER TRY FROG LEGS! I cannot understand this. I see them in buffets. I see my hubby pile them on his plate and chew on those tiny little legs. The vision is giving me chills as I write this. I keep hearing him say "They taste like chicken". My answer to this statement, "If it tastes like chicken than why not just eat chicken?" How can a slimy creature that lives in swamps, dirty ponds taste like chicken..well this I will never know cause I refuse to even bring it close to my mouth.

I refuse to say Y'All...well this doesn't take much explanation. It just wouldn't sound right cause I don't have the accent to pull it off. Though I have wondered at times if living out here long enough will change the way I talk...Oh God NOOOO!

I was just told on FB the other day by a Southerner I spelled bbque wrong. In the South they spell it BBQ. My response was well I am not one to conform so I shall continue to spell it bbque cause I am stubborn like that!

I will never wear camo after seeing the way it is worn out here. I remember in Cali for awhile the whole Camo look was in being worn as a fashion statement... uhhh....so not in style if I see it I run the other way..Camo=BAD!

You will never hear me say I can't wait until Summer time unless it means I am going home to Cali, or the lake up in the Ozarks. Point being Summer is when the mosquitoes come out to play and the humidity is relentless. Both of which do not agree with me. Tell me why my hubby and I can be sitting outside sitting right next to each other and I will be bit 6 times and him 0? They just know I am not from here I know it. My perfume scent all Summer long... citronella/lemongrass/cedar. This is the lovely blend I will be sporting to keep the bugs off thanks to California Baby who makes a deet free product for my sweet baby Mikayla. Though once they attack her than it will get really personal and I will have to find a full blown army to take them out one by one.

Oh and of course I will never be a Southern Girl with the pearly whites, perfect hair, perfect nails, perfect tan...ok perfect everything. I feel like I walked into a beauty pageant they are everywhere. Oh and they say California is superficial...they have no idea.

So I somehow ended up in the South tell me how I ended up here again...oh yes..I married a sweet redneck man!

Eat them up YUM!


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