Weekends in the South!

Friday night in the South and what does that mean for me...absolutely nothing. My heel collection is buried in my closet in retirement, collecting dust from their dancing days. I run through those days in my head wishing I could play Cinderella for one night. I envy those days at times. I am only human, I need a release, to laugh, to live, to dance until the sun comes up. Its not that we can't make that happen. I am sure if we really wanted to my hubby and I could work with what we got to make ourselves presentable, but instead we always choose home with our kiddos. Not that this is a bad thing we always find something to do even if it is just bickering to get on each others nerves. Or maybe accumulating one or 2 extra kids for 1 or 2 nights because my girls are bored and want company so they can all be bored together. So you can imagine I can have a pretty full house with up to 7 kids if they all choose to have 1 friend over minus Mikayla who is too young to repeat those 3 dreaded words any mother tires of hearing, "I AM BORED!" Some weekends we strike gold and 2 out of 3 choose to spend the night at their friends house which means mommy and daddy have less mouths to feed...haha..I kid. We love our girls but lets face it we also enjoy the peace and quiet every once in a great while so if they are asking to get out our very quick response is "WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE never why! We rush them out the door quickly before the agreed parents on the receiving end change their minds and realize what it is they have agreed to. For we know we have been caught off guard and said yes on many occasions not really hearing the question just nodding yes. Then in about 1 hour after nodding yes there is a knock on the door some kid smiling ear to ear with what looks like they are just as eager to ditch their parents for the night.

So most weekends insist of Wal-Mart trips for groceries yes I said groceries. This is where the majority of the town does their grocery shopping. I have never been to Wal-Mart so much in my entire life. In California I maybe went twice a year never more than 5. Here I am visiting it weekly sometimes even twice a week. I HATE WAL-MART! Sure they have small grocers but I have to admit Wal-Mart has them beat on price and choice so maybe it's not that bad. I just despise it because going there is more like a chore than it is fun. Not to mention Wal-Mart is like "THE" social gathering place. You can be walking down an aisle and there are people chattin it up over a loaf of bread. I swear I hate taking my hubby who always gets stopped which means a 30 min trip has now turned into an hour. Oh wow I sound horrid like an anti-social being. I guess I am not use to socializing while grocery shopping. I take a list and like to stay focused and on task to get in and out. I have entered a town where somehow it seems everyone is connected in a round about way, like that trivia game "6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon". I think I can make a trivia game with my husbands name 6 Degrees of Mr Morten and somehow it will always come back to him.

Some weekends are more exciting than others I must say. It's all up to us to make it what it will be. We love Thai food, Sushi, seeing a good movie, listening to some good live music, maybe taking that hour drive into Memphis to take in Beale St with all the music history, and good eats we can't go wrong. Oh and we can't forget the Lake in the summer which is my favorite place by far. The drive through the Ozarks, waking up on the lake in a house boat..all things we love.

But this weekend we stayed close to home rented those over hyped movies which left us slightly disappointed. Inherited an extra child, visited grandma and grandpa, worked on getting the pool open for summer and just enjoyed being home. There is nothing like home, bickering, boredom and all.


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