Southern Thunderstorms

Woke up this morning to rumbles in the sky and lightning strikes outside my window. Now normally if I were living in California I would just turn over and fall back asleep, whats a little thunder and lightning going to do. I am safe and sound in my comfy bed. Not the case when you are living in the South. Well at least not the case for a Cali girl living in the South. My hubby can sleep like a baby while the rest of us are wide eyed waiting, praying it doesn't turn into tornado warnings...ughhhhhh! I never knew I hated the month of May until I moved to the South.

What made it worse for me is knowing I have 3 girls who must go to school today in the midst of this storm. Mommy is freaking out! I can't send them to the bus stop with lightning and thunder! I right away tell them they are staying home, 1 out of 3 does not complain and jumps back into bed no questions asked. While the other 2 older sisters tell me they MUST go. I sit at the kitchen table going over with my 2 oldest daughters on why it is they think they MUST go to school today and "BOOM" the lightning strikes and the rumble is no longer a rumble more like a TNT blast which shakes the house. We all jump and laugh at the fact it scared us. Ali my oldest says "Mom today is graduation. I have to be there I am in the band and helping set up". I am thinking "GREAT" it is 6:30am I have a 9 month old sleeping baby I am going to have to drag out of her peaceful rest into a chaotic thunderstorm and my car is on empty. I will have to stop and get gas all with bed head, morning breath, and spot treatment on my face,lovely. I call my hubby and beg him to come back home..."PLEASE!" I beg him on the phone. "I need you to take the girls to school". He calmly tells frantic me, "I can't I have to load a truck and be at an install ASAP". I hang up the phone irritated at him as if it were his fault this was all happening. Poor daddy, sometimes mommy can be dramatic. Ok, a lot of times I can be dramatic, but I have my valid reasons..right?

I sit at the kitchen table in stealth mode. There has to be a solution to get these kids to school today. Cassie who is already texting her friends at 6:30am says, "Mom, Brianna is going to school." I snap back, "Does she have to go to the bus stop?", Cassie, "YES, but she says she wishes her dad would tell her she didn't have to go to school." Ok why am I the only parent freaking over this thunderstorm? Am I really overreacting? "FINE, tell your sister to get her butt out of bed, your all going to school!" With 10 min left until the bus arrives it hits the girls to the bus stop, it is right around the corner! I don't have to wake the baby, nor do I have to stop and get gas in the storm and pouring rain.

Stop laughing that it took me 30 min to figure this out. I bet you didn't think of it either until I mentioned it. Let me just remind you I was up at 4am due to the storm and it was now 6am. I was a stressed mother with bed head and morning breath. My thinking cap was not on. Give me some slack here people. Lets be honest, the real reason is~ I am just a Cali girl living in a small southern town that has thunderstorms and tornadoes all of which I am not accustomed to. So I freaked, so I was dramatic. But I prevailed and came up with my own solution and guess what my girls made it to school today....ahhhhhhhh....VICTORY!


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