Say Cheese!

It has been almost a year now more like 9 months 3 weeks to be exact since I began taking pictures everyday of our newborn baby girl Mikayla. Her daddy wants to take daily photos and morph them into one video for her first birthday. I have to admit I love taking pictures but even this seemed like a task and a responsibility I was hoping I could remember to accomplish for the sake of my dear hubby's sanity. I do not say this lightly if I miss a day I am scolded and reminded of those days I missed. He honestly makes a an empty folder on our computer that if I happen to pass by and ask innocently, "Hey there aren't any pictures in this folder!" he will turn sharply with an evil stare and say, "That's because you forgot to take pics on that day!" Whoa okay I get it! Lets say in the 9 months since I started taking pics we have only forgotten a handful of times and that make-up day leads to endless amounts of photos thinking we could somehow get that yesterday back.

Needless to say all this picture taking sparked a yearning in my soul to take great pics! If I am going to take pictures everyday I do not want to take the same old humdrum photos and have a box full of Mikayla crawling towards me, though I still do get lazy and have tons of those. Hey but they are all just as equally cute! The thing with digital photography these days is you can take lots and lots of pics and delete the bad ones and there is always chance for a do over before you take it to print. So much has changed since my last child was born previous to Mikayla. I was working with film and once you shot that was it no editing, no peeking the end result was what you got to put in a frame.

So that is how is how it came to be I started taking photography classes online and began learning all the technical stuff. The stuff that makes photography BORING! I will admit I wish I had the mind of my hubby right now because he just gets it in a snap. I can be staring at the screen trying to fathom what I am hearing, taking note after note. Then I share with him and he just starts rambling on what it means. This is where the frustration kicks in. I hate not knowing! I am so stubborn I would rather pretend to know before I admit I don't. But I am learning still, so hand in face to I am learning what the hack aperture is, shutter speed, lighting techniques oh the list goes on. I had no idea all the specifics that went in to taking an awesome picture. But now when I am viewing awesome pics I get it! I can see the difference and know these photographers got it! So I get excited myself thinking, "WOW, I AM going to take pics like that oneday!" I am loving these blunt professional photographers. Telling the world, "Don't even bother buying expensive gear if you can't even take a great picture with a point and shoot!" "It's not the camera that takes a good picture, it's the person behind the lens!" This has stuck in my head the most because I realize the investment. So my point and shoot and I have become best friends.

So in the spirit of learning and growing I am going to post a picture a day which I believe tells a story of what was going on. There is always more to what is going on than what we see. I will post the picture with the story behind the photo all taken with my handy dandy point and shoot nothing more. Let the picture taking begin!


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