Pool Time..or NOT!

It's that time of year when everyone who has a pool takes the cover off to reveal what looks more like a swamp. These are the times I am glad men walk the planet because it would never get done if I had to jump in there and make it happen. There is noway I am getting in a hole with frogs, algae and who knows what else, just not happening!

So the brave hubby I adore of course jumped in this past weekend so we could enjoy our Summer in relief of this horrid heat and humidity. Did I mention I hate Summer time in the South! I am sure I have but I repeat myself a lot. So now we know momma hates Spring and Summer in the South. That leaves Fall which I LOVE and Winter which is quite nice. So 2 out of 4 isn't bad. But I miss the days where I could say I loved every season back home in Cali!

Ok back on track my poor hubby who spent all Sunday in the heat and humidity scrubbing the walls floors every stinkin crevice of that pool. Who is now literally a "REDNECK" because he hasn't seen the sun in days and was burnt to a crisp..OUCH! Now has to re-empty yes I said "RE" empty again that darn pool because the lovely relentless rain decided to return the day after, before he could finish his goal. We had a pool in Cali growing up and I do not remember the task being so neck breaking. But then again I wasn't the one cleaning and getting it ready so I guess I cannot comment. But I do know we never had to empty the thing out, I don't remember it looking like a swamp before summer and I definitely don't recall there being rules on when you can actually open up the pool, yes there is a pool season. In Cali the pool is open 24/7...sighhhh....missing home again. Maybe if I was never born in paradise I would never know I was in hell. Yes Humdity=HELL!

For now I will turn up the air, drop the shades and shut up cause I'm sweatin just writing this blog...ughhhhh:/


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