Rewind...Back to the Beginning

Ok Back it up...REWIND...Lets take it from the top. I started a blog and never once mentioned how we ended up in small town Arkansas who knows how many miles away from my home in sunny Southern California.

In the beginning there was a sweet country boy who met a Cali girl. After a very long 1 year dating spree sweet country boy decides to make the move to California to be with his new found love and her 3 girls. All was well in Cali land and the 2 married happily on July 27, 2007. Memories were being made, goals were being pursued and life was going as smoothly as one could hope for. In the end of 2007 Cali girl decides to start her own business selling vintage clothing and lingerie. With much anticipation it starts off with a bang. I was doing...I mean "SHE" was doing great. She loved watching it grow making it her own, going down to the fashion district sipping on wine while choosing clothes from the buyer to sell at "HER" store. She finally felt like everything was falling into place. Ok wait this is getting way to long...long story short will thank me for this.

We were effected greatly by the economy everything that could go bad went bad at once. Jobs were lost, the business I was so happy to see growing had to be let go. We were so stressed not knowing what we would do. Jobs were not coming easy...we became desperate. Opportunities came far from hubby's home sweet home and so we basically had no choice...we HAD to move. But here's the kicker all while preparing to pack and move....SURPRISE!! Mommy finds out she is pregnant..we did not see this coming! It wasn't until driving one day my hubby out of the blue says, "You know I had the weirdest dream last night, I had a dream you were pregnant and it was a girl." I literally stopped breathing looked at him and said "OMG" we need to go to the drug store NOW! So 1 pregnancy stick and moments later as the Jeopardy song played in the background(I kid you not) I walked ever so slowly out of the bathroom handed my hubby the pee stick and in a daze walked right past him falling to the bed. HOW are we going to do this, WHY now at a time like this, WHAT did this all mean. My poor hubby stood there with the widest grin on his face obviously not in the same state as I. He quickly assured me everything would be fine and told me "There is never a perfect time to have a baby". Honestly I wasn't buying it and at the time. I was not so optimistic. The only thing I could do now is prepare myself and him for the great hormonal changes I would be experiencing. He had no idea what was to come, actually neither did I.

Wow..did I say long story short...scratch that there is no way, but I am almost done:) So prego and all we packed up and took the ever long journey home. Now coming home meant literally coming home to my hubby's parents place. We would need to live with my in~laws until we could get back on our feet. Ok so lets recap, lost jobs, no money, planning a move, finding out we are pregnant, now moving in with in~laws. Now tell me if we could get through this we could get through anything. Can anyone say stress galore. My body,mind and spirit had it.

We landed home and hubby went to work and I was on my way to find work. Morning sickness, tired,pregnant and all. Try convincing an employer to hire a full time worker who will be giving birth in a few months...not an easy task, but I went to those job interviews anyway and YES I landed me a part time job, something until the baby came. Not the job I wanted but something is better than nothing and it only took me a month vs the whole year it took me to try and land a new job in Cali so any job excited me at this point in fact I had options.

So now here we are still living in dear hubby's home sweet home. His parents gifted us with more than we could ever imagine. They bought a new house and gifted us not only a roof over our head, but a start on a new life. It literally feels like we are starting from scratch, but I guess because that is what WE ARE doing. There is no amount of gratitude I can show to his family for the love and support they have given us up to this day. I am forever grateful and feel extremely blessed for I realize our situation could and WOULD have been worse if it were not for his family. I may be away from my home sweet home but we are thriving with a roof over our head, food in our mouths, everyone healthy and adjusting to our new surroundings.

Oh and our new baby girl our gift from above. I am so grateful for God to surprise us in this way. I believe NOW she came at the right time. She brought us smiles when we thought we couldn't smile anymore, she helped remind us what life was truly about. She brought joy, hope, so much back into our lives when we felt like the world was against us and we were out of luck. She replaced all those bad feelings with nothing but good and took our mind off the negative and helped us focus on the positive.

Mikayla Sophia brought back our smiles to each and everyone of us, she was our blessing in the midst of the storm.


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